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Hot in Hollywood: The Cars of ‘Selling Sunset’

Did you think that the houses were the only big-ticket items on the show?
By Audrey Davis
December 08 2021
Selling Sunset Season 4 Cast, Courtesy of Vanity Fair 

On a show like Netflix’s smash hit Selling Sunset, where high-powered luxury real estate agents are surrounded by huge houses, high fashion, and fancy restaurants, it’s no surprise that the show’s stars drive top of the line cars. From high-end SUVs to rugged resto-mods, these people have surprisingly good taste in cars, selling an expensive lifestyle just as convincingly as they sell houses.   

Porsche Macan. Courtesy of Shutterstock  

And maybe it isn’t a coincidence that these realtors have great automotive instincts. For one of the show’s de facto stars Chrishell Stause, fueling up is quite literally her origin story: although she wasn’t actually born at a gas station, as the celebrity rumor mill would have you believe, she recently cleared up the confusion and explained that she very easily could’ve been. According to Chrishell, her mother went into labor at a gas station, and was so grateful to the attendant who called for an ambulance that she combined his name (“Chris”) with the name of the station (“Shell”) to dub her baby “Chrishell.” These days, the adult Chrishell can be seen out on the town in her white Porsche Macan, one of the sleekest and sportiest SUV options on the market. While we don’t know which kind of Macan Chrishell drives, the base model is no slouch with a turbo four-cylinder, 261 horsepower engine propelling it from 0-60 mph in just six seconds. It’s a conventional choice that’s not always going to turn heads, which is fitting for someone who comes from humble almost-service station beginnings.  

Courtesy Lamborghini 

Christine Quinn, on the other hand, is behind the wheel of what could be considered the anti-Macan: the big, bulky, flashy, and dripping-with-excess Lamborghini Urus SUV. It’s the kind of car that answers the question “why” with “because we can,” and doesn’t stand even the slightest chance of blending in on the road. That would be tough with 640 horsepower V8 under the hood. But Christine seems fine with that, choosing her Lambo in a bright, taxi cab yellow and thoroughly enjoying the attention it attracts. 

Courtesy Classic Ford Broncos 

And what about brothers Brett and Jason Oppenheim, who are by far the wealthiest Selling Sunset cast members? Jason is a resto-mod fan, and decided to go with a 1966 Bronco Coyote Restoration by Classic Ford Broncos. His ride was fully restored to better-than-new condition with a new five-liter Ford V8 under the hood. As for Brett, he recently left the Oppenheim Group to start his own firm, but we’re not sure he would’ve been able to compete with Jason’s vintage wheels anyway. Sometimes, the best way to impress a celebrity client is by pulling up in something that exudes both class and cool, and pretty much all of the vehicles featured on Selling Sunset fit that bill. 

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