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IXOOST’s Mercedes-AMG Audio Collab Delivering Insane Heat

Italian-crafted speakers + Mercedes muscle = power punch

Andrew Goetz
August 12 2022
AMG Luxury Audio by Ixoost pictured next to the Mercedes-AMG GT  (iXOOST)

Auto and audio have combined once again in the form of iXOOST’s latest project. Based in Modena, Italy, the same town that Ferrari, De Tomaso, Pagani, Lamborghini, and Maserati call home, the boutique speaker company has created a few truly insane collaborations with brands including Lamborghini, with one of their systems costing a hefty $21,000. This time around, iXOOST is setting its sights on Germany’s greatest with their new Mercedes-AMG Performance Luxury Audio system. Mercedes-Benz cars have always been known to have some of the best speaker systems, especially when equipped with their high-end Burmester sound systems. 

Drawing Inspiration: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series (Mercedes-Benz)

With this latest collaboration, iXOOST hopes to bring that same audio experience outside of the car’s cabin, and its specs are almost as impressive as the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series it’s based upon. Its exterior features a full carbon fiber finish starting from its monocoque skeleton up to its hood-like finish on top, complete with vents. Why does a speaker need 10 hood vents, you ask? Just like a car’s engine, it’s gotta stay cool- as cool as it looks. Up front, feast your eyes on the Mercedes Panamericana grille, a staple on all AMG models complete with the Mercedes star and AMG badge. Its side exhaust system, two pipes on each side, ensures you can hear and feel the power on all sides. With a ducktail wing and massive diffuser in the back, it looks like it can speed past 200 miles per hour even while standing still. This time, we’re measuring performance in volts, and this baby tops out at 240. To finish it all off, Ixoost is adding a special detail only true enthusiasts would recognize. On the hood, there is a silver square badge picturing the AMG emblem, nearly identical to those found under the hood of AMG Models, notably those with V8 and V12 motors.

Handcrafted hi-fi system AMG Performance Luxury Audio
A closer look: The design features of the AMG Performance Luxury Audio (iXOOST)

Its interior is just as amazing as its exterior. Featuring four tweeters and two massive subwoofers, as well as the bass reflex that pumps directly out from the side-exit exhausts, it’s clearly packed with the latest and greatest tech, all in a neat 26 by 30-inch package weighing a mere 33 pounds. Best of all, the speaker connects easily via the latest wireless Bluetooth, meaning the speaker’s power all lays right at the owner’s fingertips. As for pricing, none has been released, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect one between four and five figures. Given these impressive stats, we surely hope this won’t be the last time iXOOST collaborates with AMG.

For Mercedes lovers like ourselves, it’s a unique opportunity to bring the German-engineered experience out from behind the wheel and wherever we go. For Mercedes, it's a celebration of the success of both the hot-selling AMG GT lineup and the AMG brand at large – proving, once again, that red is more than a feeling.



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