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Jay-Z & Kanye: The Ultimate Car Collection Standoff

When comparing these artistic geniuses is impossible – there’s the cars

By Leo Shvedsky
February 08 2023
Jay and Kanye. (Complex) 

Most hip hop stars are known for being extremely avid car enthusiasts with a handful of the most successful boasting garages that are beyond your wildest dreams. But few, if any, can compete with the combined mass of dream cars that Kanye West and Jay-Z own. That said, who has the better collection overall? Game on! 

In keeping with our tradition of hard-hitting analysis, we’re taking a look at both collections to arrive at a scientific (albeit completely subjective) determination as to the winner. We’ll be grading on a completely arbitrary scale of total horsepower, relative price of the collections, and style points. (Spoiler alert, the winner is all of US!) 

Some housekeeping to start: Jay-Z has been around a bit longer than Kanye. His first platinum album was released in 1996, whereas Kanye’s was in 2004. So, Iceberg Slim had an eight-year head start on Yeezy in amassing his collection, giving The Louis Vuitton Don a bit of a handicap. Also, this is just a bit of fun, and not an exhaustive study of their full collection, so bear that in mind. 

With that out of the way let’s dive in.  


Kanye’s Aventador. (Daily Mail) 

Starting with Kanye’s horsepower muscle entries one thing is obvious: he’s clearly a Lamborghini aficionado (as everyone should be) who owns a Gallardo, an Aventador, and the very cool SUV Urus. Those cars alone net about 2,000 HP, but then you add the Aston Martin DBS and the two Porsches he has, and the SLR McLaren, then you’re over 3,000 horsepower easy.  

Jay-Z’s Ferrari model. (Highsnobiety) 

But Jay-Z is no slouch in this department. His Ferrari F430, Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental, Maybach Exelero, Pagani Zonda F bring him in closer to 3,500 horsepower. So... who’s the winner? Well, we’re going to have to go ahead and call this a (SHOCK! HORROR!) DRAW.  

Kanye and Kim in their Gallardo. (People)  


Kanye’s Lamborghini Urus. (MotorBiscuit) 

According to the industry source of truth (yep – you guessed it: MotorBiscuit), Kanye’s collection is estimated at around $6.8 million, which isn’t too shabby. But Jay-Z easily pulls ahead here with a garage worth $28 million. Now that both are estimated to be worth around $1 billion each -- which sort of puts the whole thing into perspective – it's abundantly clear that neither is spending a bulk or their wealth on these pretty babies, which is likely because they both have a boat load of actual babies whose futures they need to take into consideration before indulging in such flights of fancy – on wheels, that is.  

Jay-Z Rolls Royce Phantom boat tail edition. (MotorBiscuit) 

Here’s the thing: Jay-Z might have outspent Kanye on cars, but because this is about quality, not quantity, we’re giving this one to Yeezus (and it’s not because he’s going thru hell with the whole Pete Davidson situation – let’s get’d be in hives if Davidson had exposure to your progeny while dating your ex, right?). And it’s not necessarily about the spend, either; because to the passionate enthusiast, cars aren’t about money, they’re about love. And Kanye’s mini-Lambo fleet is born of pure love, so we are simply recognizing that here.  

Jay-Z’s Zonda. (Hotcars) 


This is where Jay-Z makes a comeback to win the title. While we absolutely love Kanye’s Lambos, we cannot ignore the sheer variety and aesthetic beauty of Beyonce – oops we mean the beauty of Jay-Zs auto assemblage – where the sum of the parts quite literally creates a magnificent whole. 

He’s got a Cherry red 1954 Corvette as well as a brand-new Rolls Phantom, and everything in-between. One of those in-betweeners puts Jay-Z right over the top for us, and that’s with his one-of-a-kind Maybach Exelero. When we say it’s one of a kind we mean it, his Exelero is literally the only one in existence, with a design that’s based on the Batmobile to the tune of $8M for goodness sake. Enough said!  


The judges have tabulated the scores and the winner is…Well we already spoiled it, it’s all of us. We get to see these two titans of their craft living their best life and driving their dream cars. It gives us something to aspire to and appreciate because honestly both collections are amazing to look at – which is why these guys are such superstars to begin with, right? 




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