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New Ferrari-Powered LEGOLand Experience For 2022

And we’re jealous we’re not kids right now.

Leo Shvedsky
November 22 2021
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LEGOLand via Shutterstock

There are a few theme parks in the Southern California area – one run by a giant mouse, one covered in jam, and one populated by fish – but only LEGOLand lets you build an Italian supercar out of plastic bricks.

LEGOLand California has been providing a fun and constructive time for all since 1999. The park’s latest announcement of a Ferrari race experience is a real and significant nod to young car enthusiasts – we wish we could have checked it out when we were kids! 

1955 Esso Service Station. Courtesy of

This of course isn’t the first time LEGO has dipped its razor sharp-edged blocks into the world of cars. The first car set ever released was the Esso Service station in 1955, and now some of the original pieces from that set sell for over $100 on e-Bay. How’s that for staying power?  

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A little Technic series racer via Shutterstock

Since then LEGO has had cars and car sets galore. Our favorite is the Technic series which began in 1977 and is still running to this day. If you haven’t experienced the gears and wheels and movement of the Technic series then we probably can’t be friends. Just kidding, we’re totally still friends.  

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LEGO Ferrari 488 GT, and a happy little driver. Cute af via Shutterstock

Starting in 2014 LEGO started an amazing partnership with hypercar brands like Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and more to produce a line of scale racing replicas of those brands’ famous cars. This partnership has continued with Farrari, with recent examples being the 488 GT and F8 Tributo. 

If you haven’t seen these models and are a fan of scale replicas, these are really special. They capture all the essence of a Ferrari in a way that a Hot Wheels might, but they also have the bright exuberance of the untarnished childhood possibilities of imaginary play for which LEGO are famous.  

If all this has whetted your appetite for more LEGO-Ferrari action, then you’re going to love the new Ferrari Build & Race Experience opening in the spring of 2022. It is shaping up to be a really cool exhibit to take a budding car enthusiast. 

According to LEGOLand the experience will have three phases. The first phase will be a bit of a mini-museum tour of the history of Ferrari, which actually sounds kind of interesting to us on its own. Then visitors will be able to build their own Ferrari racers complete with a tiny little engine out of tiny little bricks. Then at last the lucky little builders will be able to digitally scan their creations and race them on a virtual track. 

Honestly, we’re kinda jealous. We wish we had LEGOLand Ferrari things to explore when we were kids.

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