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SCIENCE STUNNER: AMG ONE Perfect Blend of Form & Function

Mercedes-AMG F1 Team’s Brainchild Begins Production in the UK

Andrew Goetz
August 18 2022
READY TO RACE: The production version of the Mercedes AMG ONE (Mercedes)

The Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar was a real head turner from the very beginning. Revealed back in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it touted big promises of power, performance, aero, and style all derived from F1 tech. Now, Mercedes-AMG, with the help of their engineers over at their Formula 1 HQ in England, hopes to deliver on its promises. Four electric motors paired to a race-derived 1.6 liter turbocharged six-cylinder help the ONE reach a top speed of over 217 MPH. Although 1.6 liters from a six-cylinder is a smaller displacement than those found on most four-cylinders, don’t be fooled as this screaming powertrain can pump out 1,049 horses, and can sing all the way up to 11,000RPM. It’ll rocket you to 60 mph in a scant 2.9 seconds, and 124 mph happens in a short 7 seconds.

Active aero on front fenders and rear wing deploys as the AMG ONE crosses the line (Mercedes)

With active fender vents in the front and a huge adjustable wing in the back acting as air brakes when needed, the AMG ONE can stop just as fast as it goes. Although the engine is nearly the same one found in the championship-winning Mercedes F1s, a few tweaks have been made to ensure more reliability, comfort, and street-focused use with the help of multiple drive modes. It truly is a scientific marvel on wheels with loads of style, a perfect blend of form and function. Butterfly doors complement the weight-saving carbon, the hood scoop adds to the coolness of the design while cooling the engine. What’s not to love?

MB-AMG ONE’s famous “shark fin” leads to the huge active rear wing (Mercedes)

For well over $2 million a pop, you’ll get the royal treatment from the three-pointed star in terms of production, too. With plans for delivery this year for each of its 275 units, the ONE just entered production at its own special facility in Coventry, United Kingdom, close by the Mercedes F1 Team Headquarters. Even if you got the cash, all units are already sold out. To ensure the car’s science and speed are up to the star’s standard, the car’s production is divided into 16 stations overseeing everything from the base carbon-fiber monocoque, considered standard equipment in most supercars, to the active aero fins in front and back. Fitting with the Benz motto, “the best or nothing,” each panel is assembled and tested for fitment, before being disassembled, individually painted, and then reassembled again.

Mercedes-AMG ONE in rain testing to ensure proper performance and insulation (Mercedes)

The meticulousness doesn’t end there, either. Each ONE produced undergoes rolling dynamometer testing to ensure all drive modes and powertrain components are functioning properly, rain testing, constant inspections, noise testing, and vibration testing, as well as on-track testing where the driver gives final approval to every car rolling off the line. Of course, each and every stage of production is done by hand before the car is transported to Germany where it is picked up by its new owner.

We hope to see this impressive machine on the street, but given its minute production volume, you might as well go buy a lottery ticket if you’re lucky enough to spot one. It’s a sizzling summer in auto and the heatwave hasn’t even rolled in yet. Stay tuned for what’s to come next from Germany’s big three (VW, Mercedes, BMW) and beyond.



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