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The Fastest Woman On Earth Died Setting Her Record

Popular Science article shared by theTUNDRA
Popular Science article shared by theTUNDRA

Updated July 02nd, 2020

Jessi Combs got it done. Nearly a year after her land-speed record attempt in the Oregon desert, Guinness World Records has awarded the racer, fabricator, and motorcyclist the designation of Fastest Woman on Earth. Combs died last year during the record attempt in an accident in southeast Oregon’s Alvord Desert. She was 39. Her run broke a record that stood for more than 40 years.

Officially, the record set is for “fastest land-speed record (female),” which was a recorded 522.783 mph (841.338 km/h) as certified by Guinness. That was during the top-speed runs that tragically took Combs’ life in the desert.

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