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Creamfields is "The World's Biggest Electronic Line-Up"


Updated February 28th, 2020

The Creamfields dance music festival in Daresbury in the United Kingdom is one event that I've dreamed of attending for years. I'd love to take part in the festival. I've never been to the UK and could cross two major life events off my Bucket List.

I've only been to one small electronic music festival in my state. I've never traveled out of the country to attend one. I've also never been to the United Kingdom despite having friends that lived there for years.

Planning a trip to Europe has topped my list of priorities since I was very young. I wanted to backpack from country to country at one time. Now, I'd be satisfied with attending a musical festival, doing a few days of sightseeing, and going home.

I'm just as content being a homebody as I am socializing. I spent many years of my life working in high traffic tourist areas, so I don't remember a time not being around people. These days, solitude is welcome most often with the occasional big event or festival rounding out my life experiences.

Creamfields is The World's Biggest Electronic Line-Up

Marketed as "The World's Biggest Electronic Line-up," this year's festival is being held in August which is the perfect time for Americans to travel. Summer is when most have vacation time saved up and the weather is unbearably hot and humid. Getting away for a trip to the United Kingdom is just what the doctor ordered for many men and women.

I'm not going to be able to make this year's festival, but I know that next year's festival is on my list of things to do. I look forward to planning my first trip to the UK. I know it's going to be a blast seeing and experiencing all the things my friends living in Europe have experienced throughout the years.

This Year's Dance Music Festival is Full of Acts I'd Like to See

Creamfields dance music festival features an incredible line-up. Acts such as Above & Beyond, Annie Mac, The Black Madonna, The Chainsmokers, DJ EZ, Fatboy Slim, Hot Since 82, Major Lazer, Nicky Romero, Paul Van Dyk, Sigma, Skream, Sub Focus, Tiesto, and Yousef will be playing during the duration of the festival. The Pre-Pitch & Party sounds like a deal to me.

There are dozens of other acts and I know that I would never be able to see them all in such a short time period. The festival only lasts a few days, so I'd have to pick and choose with artists I'd want to see most. I'm a big fan of The Chainsmokers, Fatboy Slim, and Major Lazer, so those three acts would be priorities to watch and listen to.

I can't imagine that I'd sleep a lot during the festival, either. After all, I'd be so excited to be a part of all the action. It's been years since I attended an electronic music festival.

Even then, it was small scale with more local acts than anything else. To attend what is known as "The World's Biggest Electronic Line-Up" would satisfy many of my senses. I'd get to see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and experience things that I never dreamed I would.

That's one of the most exciting things for a writer to think about. Attending Creamfields would give me plenty to blog about and write articles for the different clients I work for. I could share my experience at the festival and even consider it a business trip for the sake of research.

Pre-Pitch & Party Sounds Like a Good Idea for Festival Goers

Instead of needing to pitch my tent the day of the festival, I can choose a two, four, six or eight-man pre-pitched tent. That's less work for me and fewer pieces of gear I must purchase and carry with me in the UK. Anyone with a two, three or four-day BRONZE Camping ticket can take part in the Pre-Pitch & Party event at Creamfields.

The tents I viewed on the Daresbury dance music festival website are organized by size and color. This makes them easily accessible after spending the day listening to music on the various stages located through Creamfields. The tents are close together, too, so I better get used to having neighbors sharing my space with me and my husband.

I have my sights set on Daresbury for next year. If everything works out as I suspect it will, we'll be attending the next Creamfields electronic music festival in the UK. It excites me to no end to type those words.

I know it will offer me the experience of a lifetime. That's why I can't wait to go and see what all the hype is about. I'm looking at the cost of airfare to the United Kingdom from where I live right now as I write this.


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