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Front view of my engine
Front view of my engine

How A Little Engine Trouble Stopped My Big Folk Show Performance

Once familiar phrase my dad always says is, "One monkey doesn't stop the show." He was right up until my latest situation. My car, being the monkey stopped my entire performance.
I have a small compact car that seemed to be most reliable up until when I needed it most. I had my fifth performance at the Los Angeles Summer Folk Festival. Performing five years in row at any folk festival is a huge deal. I was well prepared and ready to share all of the new music I'd worked on all year.
My performance started at 6:00 PM on the main stage just before Darius Rucker's performance. So I took of for the festival around 2:00 PM for an arrival time of 3:45 PM. Everything was running smoothly until my engine started smoking. I pulled over and knew it wasn't going to be an easy fix. I immediately phoned my dad.
He was away on business and nobody was available to give me a life. A tow truck was on its way, but I had to wait for its arrival before I could take off in a cab. I missed my show.
Fortunately when I did arrive Darius Rucker caught wind of my situation and called me on stage with him. It all worked.
“I pulled over and knew it wasn't going to be an easy fix.”


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