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Pickleball: The New Revolution Happening in Historic Town Where American Revolution Began

Pickle4's Ballpark Series launches the first of the organization's crossover events

July 13 2023
pickleball at fenway
Pickleball reaches the big leagues at Fenway Park. Photo Credit: Pickleball Boston

This July 12-16, the Green Monster in full-racquet-swing at Pickle4's flagship Ballpark Series event in Boston.

Have you ever found yourself amidst a new revolution? If so, you understand the electric atmosphere permeating Boston's iconic Fenway Park this weekend, when crowds and competitors by the thousands are anticipated to be swept up in the thrill-of-the-moment, otherwise known as pickleball. The sport taking the country by storm, pickleball has emerged from the shadows of its progenitors (tennis, badminton, and ping pong) to put its stake in the ground of the United States' sports landscape. This week, starting Wednesday, July 11, the sport made its leap into the big leagues, quite literally, as Fenway Park, the cherished home of the Boston Red Sox, was repurposed into a vibrant nucleus for this trending phenomenon.

The moment was nothing short of cinematic, as Pickle4 America's President Ben Weinberger surveyed the transformed field, the fresh white lines of the pickleball courts standing out against the green. "Experiencing the fastest growing sport in the U.S., pickleball, inside the historic Fenway Park, is nothing short of extraordinary," Weinberger shared during an interview with the Associated Press at the park. "We look forward to welcoming hundreds of amateur athletes in the coming four days. Giving them the opportunity to experience this field first-hand is truly special for us."

professional and amateur tournaments
Fans have a chance to watch the pros play this weekend at Fenway. Photo Credit: AudioPod

Pickle4 is one of the Pickleball industry leaders, giving shape and form to this explosive, user-friendly sport taking both the U.S. and U.K. by storm. In the U.S. alone, it's been estimated that roughly 39 million people are playing pickleball in 2023, representing unprecedented growth since 2020, when only two to three million Americans were actively engaged in the sport.

Before Pickle4's Ballpark Series heads to San Francisco next week to host a similar event at Oracle Park, it's hosting a five-day sporting gala on Fenway's sacred ground.

Pickle4's Ballpark Series is more than a spectator event. True to the sport's democratic roots, through July 16, the gates of Fenway will be thrown open to amateurs, welcoming them to pit their skills against others on one of the dozen courts available. The competitive spirit is palpable as players and spectators alike wait with bated breath for the first serves of the amateur men's and women's doubles matches. But if the magic of competition isn't enough, the heart beats faster at the prospect of standing on Fenway's hallowed ground, typically trodden by the Boston Red Sox outfielders.

mgm music hall
A dozen pickleball courts in Fenway's outfield – a signal of more to come? Photo Credit: WCVB

The complete schedule for the weekend event can be found on the Pickle4 America website. The enthusiasm for pickleball swept through Boston so powerfully that the four-day event had to be extended for one more day.

"We aim to make pickleball accessible for everyone who wishes to participate," Weinberger said. "Our goal is to give the pickleball community an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy the sport in a truly iconic setting."

twelve temporary courts
Fenway at its opening in 1912. 

Fenway Legacy and Reinvention: America's Oldest Ballpark

Fenway Park has a storied past, hosting an array of sports and events since its opening week in 1912, the same tragic week the Titanic sank. It has been a site of convergence for different sports - from NFL to college football, boxing to soccer, and even hockey. But in recent years, under new management since 2002, Fenway has reinvented itself as a versatile venue for a potpourri of events beyond sports, including concerts, theatre, and seasonal attractions.

Despite its proud legacy, Fenway isn't immune to the charms of the new. Hockey, football, soccer, boxing - each has found a home here. And now, pickleball joins this diverse family, adding its own unique rhythm to Fenway's storied echoes.

us open pickleball championships
Photo Credit: WCVB

The sport itself is a spectacle – hard paddles meeting brightly colored balls on a miniaturized tennis court. Its origins may trace back to a group of Washington vacationers in the summer of 1965, but its recent explosion in popularity during the pandemic era has given it a whole new life. The simplicity of pickleball, the ease of setup, and its minimal equipment requirements have endeared it to many, especially those seeking an active outdoor pursuit during the quarantine times.

While pickleball courts usually repurpose tennis courts, Fenway Park took things a notch higher. The pickleball courts here were laid over plywood and a protective layer of plastic, keeping the integrity of the hallowed baseball field intact.

pickleball festival
Due to popular demand, a fifth day was added to the originally four-day event. Photo Credit: WCVB

The Growing Pickleball Phenomena

The love story between pickleball and Fenway may be new, but it seems destined for great things. The successful event points towards the potential of this sport and how it's capturing hearts across the nation. If it can make waves in the oldest ballpark in the major leagues, it can do so anywhere. Fenway has always embraced the new while honoring the old, and the successful hosting of pickleball at Fenway is another testament to that spirit.

As Fenway prepares to return to its first love, baseball, after the All-Star break and a six-game road trip, it leaves behind a footprint of a sport on the rise. Pickleball may be a newcomer in the sports arena, but its impact is undeniable. It has served, volleyed, and smashed its way into the hearts of many, promising to evolve into an unforgettable chapter in America's rich sporting narrative. If this weekend's is any indication, pickleball is here to stay, and its love story with the American public is just getting started.

 See you next weekend – in San Francisco.

newly formed organization partnered
Photo Credit: WCVB



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