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Ultra Music Festival Tops My Bucket List of Things to Do


Updated May 26th, 2020

On the top of my bucket list is attending the Ultra Music Festival in Bayfront Park. Although I lived in Orlando in the past, I've never been to Miami, FL. I love electronic music and know that I'd really enjoy being a part of the festival. I'd take my husband who also enjoys a good electronic music festival.

I can't attend this year's festival, but the lineup is incredible. Adam Beyer is going to be there along with Agent Orange, Azealia Banks, Empire of the Sun, Jasper James, KSHMR, Rabbit in the Moon, and more. With dozens of artists to listen to, I'd make sure I was prepared to dance my face off. The line-up is proof that festivals of this capacity are well worth the money that you spend on them.

You get several days to listen to your favorite artists, meet other people who love electronic music as much as you do, and explore a place you've never spent time in before. It sounds like the perfect vacation plan to me. I love traveling and always schedule at least one big activity to do while I'm away from home.

I think taking a road trip to Miami at least once is in my best interest. There are a lot of amazing places I can stop along the way. Thanks to Airbnb, I'm never without cheap lodging, either.

In the past, I've stayed on sailboats, in a garden shed made into a spare bedroom, a luxurious home in the heart of Sedona, Arizona, and an Airstream camper located on a big piece of property in Austin, Texas. I'm up for adventure wherever I go which is why I even considered the Ultra Music Festival as something I'd consider attending in the future.

Bayfront Park Has an Incredible History

The festival is among the best featuring electronic dance music. It's held in Miami which is a beautiful setting filled with fast cars, beautiful people, and perfect beaches. Bayfront Park is the perfect location for large scale concerts and events because it features 32 acres of land in Downtown Miami located on Biscayne Bay.

The park first opened in 1925 after a little less than a year in construction. In 1980, it was given a facelift by Isamu Noguchi, a Japanese-American artist and landscape architect. Dealing with modernism, the talented man was able to create an area that attracts people from all around the world.

It is located seven blocks from Bicentennial Park which offers 30 acres of land. The area is rife with natural beauty. Miami is one place that many of my FL friends talked about going to and loving.

Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak was shot in the chest and executed by a gunman while he shook hands with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in front of the park in 1933. Four other people were hit by bullets and one died. I found the story to be fascinating as this park has an incredible capacity for holding large numbers of people.

The Ultra Music Festival is Something I'd Like to Attend Next Year

If possible, I will try to attend the Ultra Music Festival next year. It's something I need to save my money for as it will be a long drive for my husband and I to make. We live in the Central United States, so it will take us a few days to arrive to Florida.

The only been to one electronic music festival in the past. It was very small and featured musicians from my state. I've never been to a large electronic dance music gathering. I've heard how amazing it is.

If I had to pick one to go to, it would be Ultra Music Festival because I've read rave reviews about it. A friend of mine from England got to go on assignment with her job. She wrote about travel experiences for a major newspaper.

It was her first time visiting FL, and she loved every minute that she spent at the electronic music festival. She found the people who attended the event and the artists who played at the Ultra Music Festival to be friendly and enjoyable.

She highly recommended the festival and that's what got me interested in it. I listened to nothing but electronica when I was younger. I still love it to this day even though I've included other genres on my playlist.

Miami Has Many Things to Do, See, Taste, Feel, and Experience

Miami, FL is a place that I need to visit. It has so much to offer tourists. I heard about Coral Castle on the radio over a decade ago.

It's a magical place that I want to witness with my very own eyes. It's a short drive from Miami and a place that I'd travel to after attending the electronic music festival next year. The castle carved from coral is said to have been created and moved by one very small man without the help of equipment.

There are other things I want to experience in Miami including authentic Cuban food, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Coral Gables House, The Barnacle Historic State Park, and Cape Florida Light. By the time I left for home after attending the Ultra Music Festival, my pockets would be empty, but my heart would be so full.


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