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F1 Special Edition: Silverstone British Grand Prix

A symphony of sound, spirit, & speed-pumped adrenaline impossible to ignore

Andrew Goetz
July 08 2022

Sunday’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit was quite possibly the best race of the Formula 1 2022 season calendar. With over 400,000 people flocking to Northamptonshire to witness the spectacle first-hand, the energy and octane in the crowd was palpable, as British fans cheered on their British drivers: Sir Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and Lando Norris. Celebrities took part in the action too, with global A-listers including Gordon Ramsay, Tom Cruise, Sir Jackie Stewart, and loads more adding gravitas to momentum that accelerated as the race went on, especially as it became clear that Team Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz would achieve his first ever Formula 1 victory. Over 140,000 people were present on Race Day, with a majority being under 30, showing the sheer growth of Formula 1 as a worldwide sport dominating viewership interests motorsports with a mass appeal that NASCAR has not captured in the U.S. or beyond. Here’s an up-close-and-personal look at the hype – best part: we’re only mid-way through the 2022 season, so lots to look forward to. 

CAR-CRAZY: Distinguished VIP guests walk the pit lanes 90 minutes before the race starts, marveling at F1 cars and stopping to take photos. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


READY FOR TAKEOFF: The Aston Martin Racing (AMR) team makes final preparations to Lance Stroll’s car in pit lane. (AGoetz/TUNDRA)


FINAL REHEARSAL: Team Red Bull performs a practice pit stop, a highly-organized operation which can happen in as little as 2 to 3 seconds. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


REDBULL FEVER: Fans crowd around the Red Bull car for a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


TOP 5 BOUND: Team Alpine performs final checks on Fernando Alonso’s car in the pit lane. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


THE CAR IS THE STAR: The quintessentially-British Aston Martin Vantage Formula 1 Edition Pace Car crosses the line in front of the crowd as its AMG-sourced V8 sings its special tune. (AGoetz/TUNDRA)


LOOK BACK AT IT: The first straightaway of Silverstone where cars took off before the horrific accident occurred on turn one of the first lap. (AGoetz/TUNDRA)  


HUGE NUMBERS: A portion of the approximately 400,000 total fans that flooded Silverstone’s stands and grounds over Grand Prix weekend. Over 140,000 were in attendance on race day. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


THE FINAL LINEUP: Drivers line up and exit their cars in the pit lane after finishing the 2022 British Grand Prix. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


THE FIRST “W” SECURED: Carlos Sainz is cheered on by a large crowd as he celebrates his first-ever Formula 1 Grand Prix win. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


VER-STEPPIN’ INTO THE CAMERA: Formula 1 hotshot driver Max Verstappen, another fan-favorite, is interviewed after finishing seventh place. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


SHARING THE NEWS: Race winner Carlos Sainz delivers a press conference while being greeted by a cheering crowd that is eager to take selfies with him once he leaves the press booth. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


BRITAIN’S FAVORITE: Sir Lewis Hamilton is interviewed at a post-race press conference after finishing in third place with crowds cheering closely behind. (AGoetz/TUNDRA) 


DOUBLE TROUBLE: Sebastian Vettel (left) and Mick Schumacher (Right) give a press conference after finishing 9th and 8th (respectfully). (AGoetz/TUNDRA)  


TROUBLESHOOTING: Team Alpine members take Esteban Ocon’s damaged car into the pits to assess repairs. (AGoetz/TUNDRA)  


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