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Rain couldn’t dampen spirits of 30K+ pickleball enthusiasts attending week-long event

November 16 2023

For all Texas loves about the state's expansive landscape (driving nonstop east to west = 10-11 hours), the 2023 USAP National Championships hosted in Dallas, TX last week was perfectly proportioned – a large-scale but intimate all-American event, in an all-American town (Farmers Branch, TX) celebrating the most popular sport in America at this time: Pickleball.

Too often mega-events confuse expansive layout as a hood ornament, spreading attractions across 1000s of acres, distancing attendees from one another in a manner so widespread you’re as likely to run into an acquaintance as you are to have your next meal on Mars (the planet – not Mars, TX, Silly!). But the USAP National Championships in Farmers Branch was different; from pro and amateur pickleball to great live music to out-of-this-world Texas cuisine, the USAP Nationals was vast in the immersive experiences enthusiasts love, from the moment you walked through the tournament queue and onto PICKLEBALL BLVD, you felt that great, Main Street U.S.A. vibe, surrounded by enthusiasts who share your passion for all-things pickleball as well as the fun stuff related to the sport – merch, entertainment, southern cuisine, and, of course, pickleball not only to watch (all the top-ranking pros were there, mixing and mingling with the crowd after competing) but also quite literally to play ball, vis-a-vis a median of pickleball courts that ran vertically down the middle of the boulevard for spontaneous open play -- free, accessible and fun.

Here are a few of TUNDRA’s fave moments captured while covering the event – stay-tuned for next week's docu-series about the event, featuring interviews with celebrities (the Golden Bachelor was there!), pros, spectators and tournament executives leading the industry today. (All photos:

You can’t keep a pickleball Enthusiast’s baby down! (Don’t tell Mom!) 

Pickleball Blvd ran like blood through the veins of week-long event featuring 100s of activities pickleball enthusiasts crave.

OPEN PLAY x 100: USAP Nationals’ immersive Championship event featured median of pickleball courts running length of Pickleball Boulevard for attendees to pick-up paddles and play.

DOPPELGANGERS!!!  Coolest, and best-looking ;),  pros , execs and thought leaders were on-hand to celebrate USAP’s 2023 Nationals, including ABC’s Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner/left & USAP CEO Mike Nealy/right.

Anna Leigh Waters & Ben Johns’ Mixed Doubles Match – red hot, & they played well too ;) !!!

More to love: Everything’s bigger in Texas…

BioFreeze living-up to its USAP headline Sponsorship status with pilates-like studio, offering complimentary stretching for all pickleball players and enthusiasts participating in 2023 event.

More than the sounds of pickleballs rallying at USAP 2023 – there was dancing in the streets w/LIVE entertainment throughout tournament.

Well-dressed spectators:  Pickleball necklaces, inspo for the holiday gift-giving list.
Woke Santa & helper apparently trading-in sleigh & nine reindeer for TESLA.

BEST culinary delight award goes to…MISTER SOFTEE, of course!!!

THRIVING with SOUTHERN cooking @ Eloisa’s Kitchen – need we say more….

Smiles up-&-down Pickleball Blvd…what’s not to love..? 

Pickleball Tattoo redefined – evidence this is sport of and for the ages.

Arial view on view.

Seeing double: JOHNS bros’ turning up the heat Friday, Nov 10 – great wrap to a great day.

DALLAS: A World Class City, giving Times Square vibes...

City of lights has brilliant architecture, well-preserved combining concrete Roman and Art Deco design from 1930s-1950s

Parisian stained glass bar and coffee shop from 1940s

Dallas is home to Neiman Marcus headquarters.

Dallas legacy of history x leisure x business x hospitality

TUNDRA’s hang: The Rodeo Bar

Another TUNDRA fave: Breakfast for dessert.

Icing on the cake:  It’s a city of Angels.




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