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Pickleball in Greece w/Semi-Pros Niko & Christy Fronimos

Dynamic partnership turning passion for pickleball into philanthropic profession

September 26 2023

Pickleball at Playland Santorini Tennis Center: Ultimate Greece Pickleball Vacations specializes in taking pickleball enthusiasts to most renown historic locations throughout Greece. PHOTO CRED: Ultimate Greece

You heard it here first, folks: Niko & Christie Fronimos are, for all intents & purposes, the Homecoming Queen & King of Pickleball, for reasons you’ll be hearing about as they both emerge not only on the pickleball semi-pro scene but beyond it, as the focus of several documentaries streaming on a channel near you in the not-so-distant future.

Two years ago, the dynamic duo launched Ultimate Greece Pickleball, a luxury vacation package program providing all the first-class amenities of a 5-star resort in Greece’s most historic destinations – Athens, Crete and Santorini. 

Niko and Christie

Chicago natives Niko & Christie Fronimos are founders of Ultimate Greece Pickleball Luxury Vacations.  PHOTO CRED: Ultimate Greece Pickleball

As part of the company’s May 2023 excursion, the Fronimos launched “The Agape Pickleball Project,” a non-profit not only dedicated to bringing pickleball to Greece, but also serving the mission of supporting Special Olympians in this specially designed pickleball clinic and demonstration supporting Special Needs athletes in Greece.  At that time, approximately 40 Americans participating in the tour, including 5-time world Pickleball Champion Kyle Yates, partnered with special needs athletes on pickleball courts at the historic Athens Lawn & Tennis Club located in the historic Agora of the Temple of Zeus overlooking the Parthenon.  In May 2024, Agape will host its second annual sojourn serving-up pickleball to Special Olympians – to reserve your spot on this extraordinary adventure click here.

JELLY ALERT:  Here's a look at September 2023 Ultimate Greece Pickleball Luxury Vacation happening now:

special olympians

The Agape Pickleball Project is a not-for-profit supporting young Greek athletes with special needs; the foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the sport across the country. PHOTO CRED: Ultimate Greece Pickleball


Every great trip includes a tee-shirt!  PHOTO CRED: Ultimate Greece Pickleball

Christie and Niko

Niko & Christie reviewing pickleball lesson itinerary at Lyttos Mare Beach & Tennis Resort in Crete. PHOTO CRED: Ultimate Greece Pickleball




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