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Astronaut Gear For Every Enthusiast: How NASA Merch Became A Fashion Symbol

Astronauts as Fashion Influencers
Astronauts as Fashion Influencers

Updated May 22nd, 2020

Three, two, one — lift off! Ever played astronaut? Chances are, as a kid, you strapped into your imaginary rocket ship and uttered that famous phrase once or twice. Statistics support this, with astronaut ranking in the top ten most desirable careers for kids.

Now as a grown-up, you can still indulge in space travel fantasies. Your favorite label designers, inspired by the nostalgia of childhood heroes and the 60th anniversary of NASA, are incorporating chic nods to the space agency's legacy into hot designs. 

Astronauts: From Zero-Gravity to Fashion Icons

Its not all space suits and astronaut helmets, the designs are totally wearable and celebrate the clean lines and primary colors of the outer space aesthetic. NASA has partnered with a staple shoe line to create an in-demand collection of NASA Vans.

The Space Voyager collection is a tight line of 15 items. The minimalist black Space Voyager NASA Vans hoodie has the old-school logo and can become a staple for anyone that loves that feeling of looking up at the stars on a clear night in the countryside. The range of high-top and low-profile NASA Vans shoes in the classic shapes are clearly inspired by old-school space suits and scream world traveler.

Newcomer to the street style scene, Riot Society, are as unashamed of their love for all things space as the NASA Vans collection. The aesthetic is different, maximalist to Vans' minimalist, with detailed drawings of NASA's Discovery Space Shuttle adorning the windcheaters, shirts and caps.

The Trend Goes Beyond Merch Collabs

But it's not just collaboration with iconic labels. Little girls who dreamt of being astronauts and grew up to be super brainy astronomers were seen sporting NASA and galaxy-inspired manicures at the American Astronomical Society's Women in Astronomy conference.

The rise of normcore and functional fashion draws inspiration from the utility of space suits and reimagines them from astronauts to runway. Lapel collar suits and one-piece jumpsuits emulate the she-means-business aesthetic.

Stella McCartney's recent collection of tie-dye navy blue jumpsuits pairs a galaxy-esque style with an homage to the six decades of space suit design. With environmentally friendly fabric and ethically sourced, this responsible fashion design offers more than a hint of the outer-space awe.

With the unveiling of NASA's brand new, re-engineered space suit for the historic all-women spacewalk at the International Space Station, this trend is as relevant as it is stylish. 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, is the most iconic space exploration agency on planet earth. It remains relevant because of its ongoing commitment to innovation and, let's face it, slick design, which is serving as inspiration for fashion labels across earth. NASA — science legend — new fashion icon. (For more space info, please click here.)


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