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Simple Tattoo Ideas: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Not all tattoo ideas are winners
Not all tattoo ideas are winners

Updated February 29th, 2020

I'm fascinated by tattoos and body artists. There is no other artform as personal as body art in my opinion. To have words and images permanently inked on your body is the ultimate act of self-expression. The simple tattoo ideas I have are fantastical, driven by imagination and inspired by other's ink on social media. As an artist and trained illustrator, I find myself drawn to tattoos with meaning because they reflect talent, represent a part of a person that needs to be shown and serve as conversation pieces for other people to talk about.

Simple Tattoo Ideas Need to Be Thought Out

With that being said, there are many tattoo styles and tattoo scripts to choose from. A distinctly personal decision, having an idea of what you want before walking into a tattoo shop is advisable. Coming in early to look through an artist's books is one way to get a feel for their art. Another is to visit the shop on a day that isn't busy and present the idea that you're hoping to have tattooed on your body.

If the artist feels as though he or she can complete the design to your satisfaction, great! If they don't feel comfortable, they'll let you know by trying to get you to change your placement or making suggestions on ways to alter the tattoo that you initially wanted to get. It's up to you to decide whether to proceed with the artist and tattoo shop. Sometimes, it's best to rest on an idea and then schedule an appointment to get it done once you've considered the feedback you've received.

A good tattoo is well thought-out. It's not something that you decide on in a minute. You have an idea in mind and then sit down with the artist to discuss how to make it a meaningful tattoo. I'll never forget looking at tattoo art in a tattoo shop and deciding that we wanted Winnie the Pooh tattoos. I'm so glad I didn't have the money or parental consent to get body art that day because I'd be regretting my decision today.

Examples of Tattoos with Meaning

Art is subjective and body art is no different. What one person feels are cool tattoos, other people might disagree. There are people who still feel as though a mom tattoo is a meaningful way to pay tribute to the women who gave them life. What may be considered a tattoo with meaning to you may be less significant to another person.

The website Styles At Life published a list of one hundred different tattoos that are popular for men and women to get. Among them were tribal symbols, stars, angels, dreamcatchers, dragons, faeries, crowns, skulls, music notes, and more. People often choose simple tattoo ideas that reflect an interest, a profession or a dream of theirs. I love fantasy because it is so different from real life so faeries, dragons, gnomes, and woodland creatures appeal to me in a big way.

Some people choose to have their favorite celebrity or musician's autograph tattooed on them. Others take a card or letter written by a loved one who has passed to have their handwriting turned into a tattoo. Many men and women choose significant dates or numbers to have tattooed on their bodies. Religious passages of text and quotes are also popular meaningful tattoo options.

Tattoo Styles That People Have to Choose From

There isn't just one tattoo style or tattoo script for people to choose from. In fact, tattoo artists often find their niche and stick to one style until they reach perfection. Others are good at doing many different tattoo styles. The TV show Ink Master challenges the most talented tattoo artists in the nation to do very specific tattoos in different styles. A winner is often a person who stays true to their unique voice as an artist but can still create cool tattoos in other styles.

My favorite tattoo styles are among the most popular options available. I'm in love with Watercolor tattoos. They're surreal. The colors pop against the skin. They look as if they've been lovingly applied with a paintbrush opposed to a tattoo gun.

I also dig new school unique tattoo ideas. They're unique, memorable, and downright fun. Sure, they may not translate as well as traditionalism or realism tattoos in the future. New School is one tattoo style that will continue to amaze me. Again, this is likely because I was trained as an illustrator and feel that it is a very expressive way to portray art without it being too realistic.

Some men and women prefer classic tattoo styles. Others want vibrantly colored tattoos which is why they choose watercolor as the style they like best. People who enjoy highly detailed, illustrated tattoos go with blackwork because it shows every blade of grass, feather, and even hair on a person's head. When a person wants a tattoo that looks as real as a picture, they choose realism.

Tattooists are Real Artists with Skill and Precision

Different tattoo artists are known for their skill doing one style of tattoo or another. They put in a lot of time to master their craft, so they can bring the best tattoo ideas to their customers. Tattoo artists often have a background in art, so they understand the basics of composition, perspective, shading, and linework.

If I were to get a tattoo today, I'd most likely lean toward something highly illustrative. I would likely draw it myself and have the tattoo artist I'm working with refining it. I'd also make sure it was really colorful and used a tattoo script that was beautiful and relevant. I'd take time to do my research so that I wouldn't regret my decision in any way. I would get something that expresses who I am and what I stand for as a person.

That way it would be meaningful and something I felt proud of sharing with others. I know that many of my friends have beautiful tattoos and simple tattoo ideas that have become part of who they are. They're able to share pieces of their identity through the images they have inked on their bodies. It's a wonderful way to express one's self as long as someone is well aware of the permanency the designs they choose are. Tattoos are a great way to escape from the monotony of day-to-day schedules because they give you something exciting to look forward to and talk about. I love tattoos because like drawing and painting, they showcase talented artists, excellent pieces of art, and people's personalities.


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