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Tattoos for Men are Incredible Pieces of Art to Be Admired


Updated April 23rd, 2020

I love tattoos and how they complement the personality of the person who wears them. Tattoos for men are among my favorite because they're fantastic is size, proportion, and subject matter. It isn't unusual to see a sleeve or back piece that is so ornate that you spend hours looking at it. To create tattoos that are of that high of quality blows my mind. Tattoo artists are truly talented people!

Tattoos for Men Vary in Style

Some of my favorite tattoo designs for men are fantasy-themed. I love the wizards, knights, dragons, and griffins they get tattooed on their bodies. I watch the TV show Ink Master regularly and find myself rooting for the tattoo artist that can take a canvas' crazy idea and transform it into something magical, a true work of body art.

I have a friend who does traditional style tattoo designs for men. The colors that he applies are rich and vibrant. The tattoos themselves almost always have a gypsy or ship in them. Traditional tattoos for men pay tribute to the 1700s and the men who sailed with Capitan James Cook. In the 1900s, they became more detailed and refined thanks to artists such as Sailor Jerry.

New School never fails to impress me. Guy tattoos done in this style are amazing! As an illustrator, I envision my own artwork coming to life as tattoo ideas for men. I don't tattoo, but if I did, I know this would likely be the style of artwork I gravitated to. It's fun, exaggerated, and cartoonish without looking like an amateur did it.

I also deeply appreciate Neo-Traditional, Japanese, and Blackwork. Each style of tattoos for men has its advantages. Artists who possess skills in designing and applying these types of tattoos have my utmost respect. Beautifully executed tattoo ideas for men are outstanding to look at and admire.

Instagram is a great place to go to discover new tattoo artists who do tattoo designs for men. Lisa Orth is among my favorites. Her linework is excellent. She applies all the classic art training in her tattoos including composition, perspective, color, and shading. She is best known for stylized wood-cut and etching tattoos.

Ben Merrell's gorgeous Art Nouveau tattoos for men have me awestruck. The colors are rich and saturated. The style is soft yet detailed. If I were able to watch one person tattoo live, I'd choose Ben because his work is outstanding!

TV and the Internet Exposed Me to New Tattoo Designs for Men

Thanks to TV and the internet, I've been exposed to new tattoos for me. I wasn't aware of how many different types of tattoos there are nor did I know just how many styles existed. I am truly impressed by the amount of thought that goes into designing a realistic tattoo or one with tons of detail. It can take the most skilled tattooists hours if not days to complete large tattoos.

I've been a fan of the reality show Ink Master since it debuted in 2012. The body art competition features some of the best tattooists in the industry who compete for a final prize of $100,000. The challenges that are thrown at the contestants are difficult. The canvases that some players get are hard to tattoo. Almost always, there is at least one person who taps out while getting a tattoo from an ink master.

 Tattoos for men vary from bizarre to incredible. How an artist who is not well-versed in a specific tattoo style is able to pull off a good tattoo is beyond me. They possess unworldly skills that are to be admired and commended. To tattoo men on rib cages and hands is challenging.

The judges are skilled, professional tattooists with differences of opinion. Watching them debate over who created the best tattoos for men is always entertaining. It's almost as fun as hearing which tattoo ideas for men they've come up with for challenges. The idea behind the show is to not make it easy for the artists.

Seeing who can think outside the box, showcase skills that are true to their style without compromising the design idea that was given to them, and manage their time best attests to the level of professionalism required to be a popular tattoo artist with lots of customers.

What I Love About Tattoos for Men

Tattoos for men amaze and delight. They're in high demand because body art is a form of self-expression beyond any other form of ornamentation. Body piercing, hairstyling, and wardrobing pale in comparison to well-done guy tattoos. They're statement makers and conversation sparkers. I will never forget to comment about and appreciate a beautiful piece of body art.

Guy tattoos are to be respected and admired. They're a big part of our history as human beings and an art form that is every bit as worthy as that being housed in museums across the globe. Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal act of self-love. It's honoring a hidden part of yourself that you have the courage to put on display.

Men get tattoos for different reasons. They want to commemorate a lost loved one by showing how they influenced their lives. They have faith so strong that they need to put a permanent reminder of it on their bodies. They're so passionate about an interest that they want to make it a part of their identity. There are so many reasons why people choose to get tattoos.

Whether it be for cultural or personal reasons, men love tattoos and being able to show off their body art wherever they go. As long as there are guy tattoos to view and admire, I will continue to look at them. I often ask a person why they choose the artwork that they did. There is almost always an interesting story that goes with every tattoo I encounter. I think that's what I love about them most.

Tattoos are individual, exquisite, accessible, and inspiring!


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