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Modern Hollywood Style

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Shannon Stone

LA Influencer + Film Professional

Shannon Elizabeth Stone is a SAG/AFTRA actress, model and film production accountant known for her work on such shows as “Pretty Little Liars,” “Big Little Lies,” “Ad Astra” and “American Idol.” Born and raised in the heart of the media district in Los Angeles, Shannon grew up exposed to film industry events and media business opportunities. In addition to working in TV and films, Shannon has performed in talent shows, attended Hollywood premieres and was strongly influenced by the glamourous world of Playboy after watching “The Girls Next Door and attending parties at the Playboy mansion. She attended college and after graduation, followed her passion by officially joining SAG/AFTRA as an actress. When Shannon is not acting, modeling, or social media influencing she is on set as a film production accountant. This led her to work for two seasons on “American Idol,” and the new upcoming Amy Poehler film “Moxie!”

Modern Hollywood Style Calling all Hollywood fans! Shannon will be sharing stories of her experiences on popular TV and movie sets, and offer insights on dressing for success! She’ll share her tips and secrets on how your wardrobe and accessories can create just the right glitzy, glamorous image with an entertainment industry flair. And she’ll show you how the Naughty Girl Shop can be a girl’s best friend in bringing out your fashion passion!



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