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The Steamin Burger

Monday, October 19, 2020

Roger Valdez

General Manager and Co-Owner of The Steamin' Burger

Roger Valdez and his wife Mariana started The Steamin' Burger in San Francisco early 2014. Beginning March 2020 they moved to the Los Angeles Metro Area. The Truck is a family run business with Mariana's brothers Sergio and Charlie. The concept of a steamed burger was a product of Roger and his wife experimenting in the kitchen together and deciding to capitalize on their delicious discovery.

The Steamin Burger - We are the 1st and ONLY Stuffed Steamed Burger Truck in the World. Our Steamed Cheeseburgers are “a healthier, tastier alternative” to regular burgers because they’re cooked with STEAM. There is no oil or grease added during cooking. Most of the grease/fat from the meat is drained out after cooking. You won't feel like you’ve eaten a greasy burger afterwards. Our burgers are served with Grass Fed ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken covered with steamed sharp cheddar cheese on a fresh Brioche bun.



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