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Hennessey Project Deep Space: $3M Price Tag, Six Wheels

It looks like something from a movie, Texas automaker insists it’s real

By Leo Shvedsky
December 07 2021
Project Deep Space looks like a concept drawing from Blade Runner. Courtesy of Hennesey. 

Six wheels, outrageous electric power, and a seat that folds completely flat. The Hennessey Project Deep Space seems too outrageous to be real, but the Texas company known for modifying Hellcats and Raptors insists it’s coming to our planet in the next few years. 

The sci-fi vibe continues in the interior. Courtesy of Hennessey

Henessey has made its name and its cheddar by making already-powerful muscle cars even more nuts, and occasionally releasing loco custom supercars like our personal favorite the 1,244 horsepower Venom GT, which despite being based on the much smaller and less-powerful Lotus Elise, still holds a number of speed records from its 2014 debut. When we heard that Hennessey were going electric on us we wanted to check it out, because it sounds utterly, for lack of a better word, insane. 

What’s just been announced is something they’re calling Project Deep Space. Is Project Deep Space a SpaceX-style rocket ship meant to carry us to galactic glory at light speed? No - but in terms of automotive ambition it’s not that far off. 

What Hennessey came up with is a six-wheeled Grand Tourer with six independent motors (to be clear - that’s one motor per wheel), with a forecast combined output of around 2,400 horsepower. That right there merits a mention of the design freedom that engineers at a bespoke outfit like Hennessey are allowed with a clean-sheet design like this, as well as the design versatility that electric concepts allow in general. 

That’s a big electric car! Courtesy of Hennessey 

It gets weirder and also more awesome from there. The cockpit, which from above looks like a teardrop shape, is simply out of this world. It will seat four in a diamond shape, the rearmost of which will be able to lie completely flat like a luxury jet seat would. While some other carmakers exploring unconventional seating arrangements in 2021 usually take this opportunity to throw in some mention of autonomous driving at this point in the press release, there was no mention of the tech from Hennessey. They’re a drivers’ company – if you’re behind the wheel at the controls of this much horsepower, you’re going to want to be in charge of it yourself. 

The life-size rendering of the concept gives us some perspective on the possible size of the final product too: lengthwise it looks like it’s going to rival full bed pick-ups. The bonkers interior is accessed by two huge gull-wing doors that look like they’re the size of a small car each. Remember that Lincoln Navigator Concept from a few years ago? SMH, but in a good way. 

“The thing that I struggled with on electrification was the weight of the vehicles,” said Founder and CEO John Hennessey. Hennessey added that if they wanted to build an electric vehicle it would have to be something other than a supercar, whose overall handing can be dictated by the weight of a good old-fashioned V8.  

The steering wheel is in the center. Courtesy of Hennesse

This luxury speed behemoth is set to go into production around 2026, and is said to start at around $3 million. That would make it one of the most expensive electric vehicles announced to date, so chalk up another record set for team Hennessey. We’ll definitely be watching and waiting to see more from Hennesey’s Project Deep Space. 

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