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Apple's Revolutionary Car Design: Co's Hottest Patent Yet

And it reminds us why we’re looking forward to the real thing.

By Leo Shvedsky
November 17 2021
Don’t you just want to own that?

At this point Apple is famous for being extremely secretive about their projects. Every year tech bloggers go on a quest worthy of Arthurian legend to figure out what the next iPhone is going to look like. And they’re always surprised when the new iPhone looks a heck of a lot like the old iPhone. Well, now it’s the car bloggers turn to stress chug espresso energy drinks while frantically Googling “Apple Car news!”  

It’s said that Steve Jobs, Apple’s visionary founder, had an idea for building an electric car back in 2008. The Apple Car in whatever its current form is has been in development since 2014, shrouded in the company’s characteristic veil of secrecy. But one thing we can be sure of, even if we’re sure of nothing else, is that the Apple Car (or maybe it’s going to be called the iCar?) will connect to your iPhone. Bam! We scooped it, you’re welcome. 

It looks so real we can taste it.

Not really though, because all Apple products seamlessly connect to other Apple products, that’s one of their selling points. But one cool thing that has emerged from the Apple Car Aethernet (we’d copyright that if we could), and it’s the design of the car was conceptualized by a car leasing company in the UK called Vanarama using the latest patents filed by Apple.  

We’re invoking consumer squatter’s rights and living in it.

They filled in the gaps of the car’s genetic structure like mad scientists in Jurassic Car Park, and came up with what we hope the car truly looks like. This design is in every way the auto world’s version of fan art, but it’s the first design we’ve seen that evokes the soul of most other Apple product designs.  

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The interior of the fantasy Apple Car.

It’s simple, sleek, and altogether evokes a feeling of modernity that Apple has been pioneering for over twenty-years now.  

The coolest thing is, as mentioned earlier, that much of the design is born of actual patents the company is currently holding. Like the pillarless frame which will make everything above the doors look like one seamless piece of glass, and the iPhone inspired door handles. Or, the adaptive doors for easier loading of passengers. But, our favorite is the integration of Siri into the core functionality of the car. 

Imagine if you will a dystopian cyberpunk future where you’re coming out of the grocery store loaded with reusable bags of soylent green products, and simply telling your phone to bring the car around and then just like that this beauty pulls up in front of you all by itself.  



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