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Look Out Boys - Bad Boys’ Porsche Up for Auction

You can own Will Smith’s movie ride

By Leo Shvedsky
November 29 2021
Officially the coolest. Courtesy of Mecum Auctions 

The 1995 classic buddy cop action-comedy Bad Boys might have starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, but car nuts definitely saw right past them to the black Porsche 964 Turbo that shared the screen. 

Bad Boys was one of the quintessential buddy cop movies of its time - it blended action and comedy in a story that swung way out of its league. It was so good that it helped launch up-and-coming actor slash hip hop artist Will Smith to stardom. Look him up, you may have seen him in a thing or two since then.  

But we know the real star of the movie was the black Porsche 964 Turbo. Soon you’ll be able to do your best Detective Mike Lowrey impression and slide behind the wheel, when the car goes across the block at auction between January 6th and 16th, 2022.  

The engine looks like it’s in amazing shape for its age. Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

The 964 is the model number for 911 Carrera 2/4 models, so it’s an early 90s Porsche 911 but on steroids. While new Porsches, like ones with a GT3 badge, would blow this car out of the water on a straight, we would highly recommend not sleeping on this now-vintage car.  

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, & Tchéky Karyo With Porsche 911 964 Turbo 3.6. Courtesy of CarJager  

The flat-six-cylinder engine in this car’s trunk is the turbocharged 3.6-liter version, and can get you to the all-important 60mph tick on the speedo dial in 5.5 seconds. That doesn’t seem to us like it’s any kind of slouch. But it’s a Porsche, and even if it’s nearing its 30-year birthday it’s never going to be objectively bad, right?  

The Porsche 911 from "Bad Boys" Photo By Columbia Pictures. Courtesy Of 

More than performance though, this car is about history - both automotive and cinematic. Only 350 of these were ever sold in the U.S. Honestly this is one of the biggest selling points to us: it’s a rarefied beast. Like creatures of myth, they will soon disappear into the mists of time only to be spoken of in hushed tones during the solstice months. So it’s better to own it now, and be able to say that you did.  

A profile worthy of Hollywood. Courtesy of Mecum Auctions 

Plus, the anecdote of how it came to be featured in the movie is also really fun. As the story goes, the director Michael Bay – who also directed such illustrious movies as the The Rock (one of the best films of all time) and Transformers (one of the shiniest feature-length commercials of all time) – was told by the film’s producers that there wasn’t enough budget for all of the cars he wanted on screen. So he went home and brought his own Porsche 964 for Will Smith to drive in the movie.  

We want this font on our tombstone. Courtesy of Mecum Auctions 

While we can’t actually confirm that story, that kind of dedication to one’s art has to be commended. We wouldn’t lend our car for a selfie shoot, and it’s a well-loved Subaru Impreza. We can’t even imagine lending an uber rare Porsche to an action movie. Kudos, Mr. Bay. 

No word yet on how much the bidding will start at, but it’s expected to get into the six-figure range. 

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