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The 2021 LA Auto Show Goes All-In on EVs

Did you miss car shows during the pandemic? So did we

By Audrey Davis
November 19 2021

LA is a car city at heart, with mechanic shops on every corner and a messy urban sprawl that demands personal transportation. So ever since the auto show was canceled last year due to Covid-19, car enthusiasts in the City of Angels have waited patiently for its return, and we have reason to believe that they won’t be disappointed. 

The LA Auto Show will officially open tomorrow, November 19, and continues through Sunday, November 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It has always been a place for auto brands to show off their new innovations, but this year promises to be an even more intriguing showcase, considering how much the industry has changed just in the past two years. With nearly every automaker these days putting their eggs in the electrification basket, you can expect to see some impressive EVs, and strong turnouts from smaller brands that are making big names for themselves.   

One of the most anticipated debuts heading into the show was the Subaru Solterra, a crossover EV that’s heading to the U.S. after an initial unveiling in Japan last week. The Solterra will be Subaru’s first fully electric car, complete with standard all-wheel drive and an estimated range of 220 miles. These features align well with the classic Subaru ethos of outdoorsy fun, which was clear to fans when Subaru debuted the Solterra this week in conjunction with the LA Auto Show opening. If the car proves popular amongst adventurous types, that could spell trouble for fellow mid-size EVs like the Volkswagen ID. and the Mustang Mach-E.  

However, if you look closely at the list of participating automakers at this year’s show, familiar faces like Subaru, Toyota, Chevy, and Jeep are almost outnumbered by newcomers turning out in droves. Some of these small EV manufacturers have appeared at the LA Auto Show before, like Fisker, but have you heard of the Vietnamese brand Vinfast? They’ll be bringing two electric SUVs styled by Pininfarina, which is the exact kind of flashy artistry that might turn the heads of EV skeptics. But for those who have already been won over, there’s always the diminutive, almost annoyingly cute SOLO, a single-rider vehicle from Canadian upstarts ElectraMeccanica. 

Of course, the veteran stars of the automotive world shouldn’t be discounted here, especially when Porsche is coming to this show with one of the most ambitious EV concepts of the year. Back in September, Porsche announced the new Mission R concept study as “the future of motorsport in a nutshell,” thanks to an innovative interior design that would measure the driver’s vital signs while livestreaming from the cockpit. Like all the EVs at the LA Auto Show this year, it’s a stunner that’s well worth the wait, especially for fans who are hoping for a sneak peak of where the auto industry is headed.  

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