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American Music Legend Rick Ross Hosts Rare Car Show

Hip-hop star/industry exec showcases personal collection at estate May 21

By Leo Shvedsky
April 27 2022
Rick Ross flaunts his car collection, a true enthusiast. (

When preparing for a first car show, one needs to make sure that everything is squared away. There are about a billion items on the checklist, not the least of which include having all the cars on display lined up neatly in rows by size or weight, making sure each car looks pristine, having snacks and merch ready for sale — but if you forget the Louis Vuitton tank, then what are you even doing?

At least that’s what hip-hop star Rick Ross would say if he was the one running a car show. And he would say that because he is running a car show and it does have a Louis Vuitton tank. Having covered hip-hop artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West and their collections, it is our informed opinion that Rick Ross takes being a car enthusiast to new heights. For goodness’ sake, his record label is called the Maybach Music Group. ’Nuff said.

Ross's May 21 Car & Bike Show will be held at The Promise Land, his home in Fayetteville, GA. (

The car show in question is the Rick Ross Car Show and it will be revving up May 21 at “The Promise Land”, his home in Atlanta, Georgia. (Not a typo.)

In order to prep for it, Ross displayed his appreciation for the cars on show by Instagramming about their arrival.

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This armored personnel carrier has one Louis Vuitton seat and it’s awesome. (

One such ’gram saw the rapper unveiling what he claims is one of two NASCAR hotfoots, revving the engine and peeling out in the driveway. Where he got the NASCAR speeder is unknown. Another thing that is unknown is who is the show’s sponsor.

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Yet another reason to love Rick Ross - he's a Chicago Bulls fan. (

Ross has claimed that an anonymous name brand has reached out to him and offered $100,000 to sponsor the show. But the biggest event thus far is definitely the tank equipped with Louis Vuitton leather seats. Well, it is more like an armored personnel carrier. But with armored plating, a big gun and tires that can’t be blown up, we’re not going to quibble on the finer points.

The tank (or APC or whatever you want to call it) will be on display along with some classics like a 1959 El Camino and many more from his collection. We are betting that his Hummer with the Louis Vuitton interior, just like the fashion-forward war machine, will also make an appearance.

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His Hummer should match his new tank. (

Rick Ross is following in the footsteps of many celebrities who have car shows these days. There’s fellow hip-hop star 50 Cent, who took over DJ Envy’s annual car show.

Tickets for Ross’ show are not cheap, however, with general admission coming in at $250, plus $50 for parking. That said, considering Ross’s amazing life story and success mixed with his fine, creative eye for art in all forms, including cars, we would have thought $500 a GA ticket would be a bargain.

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