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Mercedes G63 4X4. McLaren Showcase. Escalade V Debut...

Biggest news & events hitting Auto this week

Tundra Team
June 17 2022

SUPER STATUS SYMBOL: All-New Mercedes Benz G63 4x4 Squared Returns for Internal-combustion’s Last Hoorah  

The new Mercedes-AMG G63 4x4 Squared (Mercedes-Benz)

The newest edition to Mercedes Benz G-class has arrived, ready to tackle the terrain of streets everywhere from Rodeo Drive to backroads of America’s National Parks. The new G63 AMG 4x4 Squared packs an AMG-V8-powered punch, unlike the previous 4x4 Squared, and it’s lifted over four inches higher than the standard G63 so owners feel they truly own the road. Despite being one of the most capable off-roaders, critics of the 4x4 Squared models have pointed out that few owners take them off the pavement. In response, Mercedes admittedly stated this version is slightly more road-friendly than the outgoing 4x4 Squared, although it still can quite literally go anywhere, including three feet of water. Pricing is expected to sit around a quarter-million dollars with plenty of options allowing the sticker to cross over $300 grand: a carbon-fiber light bar, carbon fenders, monstrous wheels, and even a rack and ladder. Given the limited nature of this truck, their value in the used market is expected to be astronomical.  

DRIVERS START YOUR ENGINES: McLaren Racing Exhibit @ Petersen Auto Museum 

McLaren F1 “LM Specification” at the Petersen Automotive Museum (Petersen Auto Museum)

LA’s world-class Petersen Automotive Museum never fails to impress. The museum’s upcoming installation The Color of Success: McLaren’s Papaya Livery” opens to the public Saturday, June 18, as a tour-de-force of McLaren’s most iconic cars throughout its racing history. McLaren has been making roadgoing models since the late 90’s, with their first being the McLaren F1 (pictured above), a hypercar widely acclaimed as the best car in the world, also holding the record for fastest production car. It may surprise some enthusiasts that there were plans for McLaren to introduce their first roadgoing model in the late 1960s, dubbed the M6 GT. Included in Petersen’s showcase is one of the world’s three M6 GT’s, which holds its place in history as the very last car to be developed by Bruce McLaren before his untimely death at Goodwood in 1970, and, because of that tragic event, never reached production. McLaren’s race team, however, dates back as far as 1963 when the legendary Bruce McLaren of New Zealand started the group. In the years following its inception, the team has achieved immeasurable success with its signature papaya-orange machines. 

The Color of Success: McLaren’s Papaya Livery opens June 18 @ Petersen Automotive Museum (McLaren) 

BIG IS BACK: Cadillac’s Escalade V Debuting with More Power, More Status  

The new 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V (Cadillac) 

With the onslaught of sky-high gas prices and dealer markups galore, one would think that automakers would be poised to release smaller, less expensive models to rake in more profits in the red-hot car market. However, Cadillac is looking to “go big or go home” with their latest releases for the 2023 model year. Enter the Cadillac Escalade: a staple of the rich and famous since its inception in 1999, known and loved by many for its infinite space, status, lavishness, jet-smooth ride, and subtle style that still manages to assert road superiority. It’s pretty clear the Escalade already is almost perfect. Now, Cadillac aims to fulfill an enthusiast’s dream by stuffing in their gargantuan hand-built V8 that delivers nearly 700 horsepower. Big power from a big car comes with an even bigger price tag. The New 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V starts at just under $150,000 for the short wheelbase while the long wheelbase ESV demands a $3000 premium. To distinguish itself from the rest of the Escalade lineup, the V features larger rims, more aggressive bodywork, and a large “V” badge on the side. Given the sheer girth of the vehicle and the willingness to keep the Escalade’s ride smooth, the suspension, although sport-tuned, remains comfortable at the expense of better handling that would more closely-match German rivals. Just about everything in this rocketship is big… except the gas mileage, of course.  

RECALL ALERT: Foul Play at Ford Recalls of Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV & More  

The recently recalled Ford Mustang Mach-E (Ford Media Center) 

Ford is facing bad publicity over a handful of vehicle recalls across (virtually) its entire lineup, including the recently released Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Crossover. The first of two major recalls, Ford is issuing a stop-sale of the Mach-E, recalling nearly 49,000 vehicles due to an issue with part of the electric powertrain overheating, leading to a loss of power or an inability to start. Ford aims to fix this safety hazard with a software update owners can have installed at their nearby Ford or Lincoln dealer for no charge, as required under recall protocol. In the meantime, Ford is still allowing dealers to continue selling the EV, however it is prohibiting customer deliveries unless the fix is installed. 

The second recall from Ford affects nearly three million vehicles made between 2013 and 2019. After Ford has received injury reports from vehicles rolling away while parked, the manufacturer’s investigation revealed a faulty (degraded or detached) part of the transmission that causes the vehicle to perform as if it’s in park when it is not. If you currently own a Ford Escape, C-Max, Fusion, Transit Connect, or Edge made between 2013 and 2019, or a Mustang Mach-E, check your vehicle identification number (VIN) on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. 

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