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Rap Artist Rick Ross’s Car & Bike Spectacular

Last weekend’s star-&-diamond studded car show a new kind of spectacle

By Leo Shvedsky
May 26 2022

The colors tho.  (Rick Ross/Instagram)

Rick Ross’s persona, otherwise known as The Bawss, Rozay, Renzel or Teflon, is well-known in the hip-hop world – that of flash and braggadociousness, a reputation well-earned through his music and social media.

A quick scroll through his Instagram feels like the modern-day version of Robin Leech’s Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous – if you’ve not heard of that we cannot recommend looking it up highly enough, it is… special – and his recent car show delivered on that ouvre with an aplomb all its own that didn’t disappoint.

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Mix & Match – the ultimate luxury.  (Rick Ross/Instagram)

We briefly covered the lead up to the show a few months ago. Specifically, Ross’s boast that he acquired a “Louis Vuitton Tank,”  you know what we’re talking about – the armored personnel carrier with seats decked out in Gucci leather. Yeah, that one. The image looked a little incongruous with the rest of the Spartan interior, but come on, when was the last time you saw a military vehicle outfitted in haute couture?

The “tank” was just a primer to the massive success of last weekend’s show. Ross’s 235-acre property outside Atlanta was absolutely sprawled with automotive wonders and curiosities, attracting a sold-out crowd estimated at 4,000, including hip-hop luminaries who wanted to show off some of their rides as well.  2Chainz and Curren$y made appearances rocking their classic whips and performed. 

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Gucci hits the runway at Ross’s Car & Bike Show hosted last weekend in suburban Atlanta. (Rick Ross/Instagram)

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Corleone in its element.  (

Ross came away happy with the show saying, “As you can see, we could have had many, many more people out here, but it wasn’t about how many people we could have. It was just about the comfort zone, the enjoyment level. Once again, man, look at these cars, look at these toys, these trikes, trucks, 6x6s.” Car enthusiast personified.

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Great artists understand the power of monochrome, multi-variously presented. (

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When in doubt, make it red.  (

Everything about this show was a little different, executed in a way that only a creative artist-meets-car enthusiast can not only imagine, but get away with in the way that makes you leave a card-carrying member of the fan club.  Car show awards and prizes, for example, are traditionally a plaque or trophy that proud recipients put on the mantle until bumped off by the kids’ end-of-season soccer statues, and once in a while, maybe a handful of cash. But Ross’s show was handing out 24-carat diamond key chains.

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Handyman’s special.  Not.  (Rick Ross/Instragram)

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The Godfather wore Tiffany Blue.  (Rick Ross/Instagram)

It’s refreshing to see a different take on a classic, as it were. Car shows are fun, yes, but sometimes the execution can be a bit lacking with its textbook approach. This isn’t to throw shade at the promoters of car shows, far from it. But Ross’s Promised Land show is aptly branded, serving-up a new kind of template as it raises the bar in more ways than one.

Keep it up, Boss. Spectacle never gets old.

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Rick Ross, The Gran Maestro (Rick Ross/Instagram)

                                                                                                        A picture containing sky, red, truck, outdoorDescription automatically generatedParting is such sweet sorrow – that bittersweet vibe car enthusiasts know too well (as evidenced by over-stuffed garages, backyards and storage facilities).    (

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