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Don’t Freak, But There Could Be A Black Hole Inside Earth 

But, if there is, it’s just teeny-tiny one 

Heidi Lux
September 28 2021
Sometimes scientists will throw out something that sounds so completely bonkers, there’s no way it could possibly be true – and then it is. Like the concept of a black hole. Then there are times a scientist will throw out something that sounds so bonkers, it makes the last thing look run-of-the-mill by comparison. That thing is a black hole in the center of the Earth.

A black hole...probably: Pixabay

Former NASA scientist Louise Riofrio claims that there’s a black hole inside Earth, but it’s just a very, very tiny one. “Billions of years ago, Earth would have formed around this tiny black hole just as pearl forms around a grain of sand,” she said on the totally legit sounding YouTube channel "thirdphaseofthemoon." Not only does Riofrio think the black hole formed like sand, but she thinks it’s also the size of sand – one tiny grain of beach sand to be exact. And even though the black hole is tiny, it’s super heavy with a weight equal to that of the Moon.  

Riofrio claims that, as scary as it sounds, we actually need the baby black hole. It’s responsible for the Earth’s tectonic activity, as well as other phenomena. “That black hole would be responsible for generating Earth’s internal heat, which causes volcanoes and earthquakes but has also caused our island to form,” says Riofrio. “And the black hole would also generate the magnetic field, which protects us from the radiation of space.”  

Living over a super tiny black hole could eventually be an advantage for us if it were to actually exist. “So there’s no need to fear black holes. Our life might not exist or our planet might not exist if not for them,” says Riofrio. “And in the future, they could be an immense source of energy – something as revolutionary as nuclear power was in the last century.” 

A paper published in the Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Science seems to back up Riofrio’s claims. According to the paper, “the existence of life on the earth may be a reason that this black hole-like object is a black brane that has been formed from biological materials like DNA.” However, don’t get too excited. We don’t actually have any evidence that the Earth’s core contains a black hole, and the journal later retracted the study. It has been hypothesized the theory is most likely a hoax used to bait clickbait. After all, the lead author on the paper has also published a paper on the dangers of predatory journals.  

However, not all claims of black holes influencing Earth are bogus. We might actually have a black hole to thank for our existence – even if it’s not secretly controlling earthquakes or our DNA. According to the Atlantic (which is usually more legit than YouTube), the explosions that create black holes also spew "Earth-ingredients" like carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. “The collisions of black holes and neutron stars help spread heavier elements, such as gold and platinum. These elements make up our Earth, and our own selves,” writes The Atlantic.  

As cool/risky as it would sound to live above a black hole, it’s an important reminder that we shouldn’t take information at face value. If something sounds too wild to be true, it’s possibly false.  



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