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L.A. Tattoo Convention

0:02 [Music] 00:04 it allowed me to travel to grow and to 00:07 learn and to communicate with people how 00:10 many people have to go to work every day 00:11 and talk to new characters new people 00:13 make friends and bonds and things like 00:15 that you know it's it's rare and I get 00:18 to do this for a living I feel blessed 00:29 the reason why we did this convention 00:31 was because for the longest times Long 00:33 Beach was the home was the mecca of 00:35 tattooing where international artists 00:36 came together and they supported each 00:38 other and that felt like it was starting 00:39 to lack a little bit and so I wanted to 00:41 bring it together one more time 00:43 my godmother has tattoos from the neck 00:45 down and I always wanted to be like her 00:47 and she was a makeup artist for Mac and 00:49 I thought she was so cool I've been 00:52 tattooing a bit over three years 00:53 I should have always talked to my 00:55 clients if somebody's spending so much 00:58 money and time with me like I kind of 01:00 want to get to know who they are because 01:02 that's one of the things I love most 01:03 about tattooing is the variety of people 01:05 are gonna meet I've been tattooing for 01:07 15 years I work really hard to give 01:09 somebody special design I charge a lot 01:12 so I have to give them the very best 01:14 usually when I'm choosing an artist 01:16 that's because I like their art style 01:18 personally and then from there I kind of 01:20 decide like what subject matter might be 01:23 suitable or sometimes I just like to let 01:25 them go for it but a lot of times 01:26 they'll give like a fake from like oh I 01:28 want a rabbit but you do your thing with 01:31 a rabbit if you're gonna call yourself a 01:33 professional tattooer 01:34 there's something to be said about 01:35 somebody that can tackle anything that 01:37 walks through the door there's no reason 01:39 why you should turn someone away just 01:40 cuz you don't have the ability it's not 01:41 it's not acceptable if you're gonna call 01:43 yourself a professional every single 01:45 next piece I do is my favorite we would 01:47 deploy for about 18 months and I spent 01:49 most of the time drawing and the guy 01:50 next to me was a tattoo artist so he 01:52 asked me if I wanted to learn how to do 01:54 tattoos and I said yes once I did my 01:56 first tattoo I never stopped ever since 01:58 when I started 20 years ago we didn't 02:01 have the Internet I mean it existed but 02:03 it wasn't used like it is now every 02:05 every shop had the same set of certain 02:07 books that you would see certain 02:08 lettering books certain tattoo books you 02:11 know and there was only a handful of 02:12 resources available tattoo magazines 02:15 were the main way that we were 02:16 communicating and to be famous as a 02:18 tattooer back then meant that other 02:20 tattooers knew who you were you know 02:22 that was it the general public didn't 02:24 know any tattooer is that rude they were 02:26 not part of pop culture with the 02:28 internet and reality shows I mean it's 02:31 it's no longer underground it's very 02:33 much out in the light 02:34 I think body adornment in itself is an 02:36 ancient thing anything that people want 02:38 to put on the exterior of their bodies 02:40 to personify an emotion a mood or 02:42 something of that sort 02:43 could be sentimental it could be just 02:45 silly it could be anything but people 02:48 love it 02:48 [Music] 02:49 [Applause] 02:52 just because of the way Lila does not 02:55 mean that we're not professional working 02:56 individuals you can be a schoolteacher 02:59 you can be a very working professional 03:02 person and still be covered in tattoos 03:04 it takes a certain type of person to be 03:07 tattooed to be secure in your own skin 03:10 if you ever find yourself in an airport 03:12 and you don't know where you're going to 03:13 find the first person with a tattoo I 03:14 guarantee you're there another better 03:15 attitude than anybody else I just want 03:17 to say thank you to everyone that 03:18 supported this event from day one we 03:21 appreciate it and we want to continue on 03:22 this event year after year we want to 03:25 grow with everyone that's the beauty of 03:27 tattooing and that's the beauty of just 03:28 being people 03:30 [Music]

The 3rd annual LA Tattoo Convention was a feast for the eyes, bringing together some of Southern California's most talented tattoo artists and enthusiasts. Held in Long Beach, a city with tattooing deep in its roots, this unique event was a celebration of all forms of body art and observed the important history behind this ancient practice.


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