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The Original Round Top Antiques Fair

a little bit of bad information 00:08 raised very much off the grid seven 00:11 brothers so we were really kind of 00:13 impoverished so we didn't have things so 00:16 praise God there's a couple at my church 00:19 oh she needs to go to the it was like a 00:23 boarding school so when I went to the 00:25 boarding school these girls had 00:26 knickknacks and whatnot you know it was 00:29 just something I never had seen cuz we 00:31 were like necessities only and that's 00:33 kind of where the desire started okay 00:35 for things and pretty things and cool 00:38 things like oh I want some whatnot look 00:41 I think I kind of went overboard it 00:49 started in the late 60s early 70s right 00:54 Emily turning and faith by me and I'm a 00:58 hog and over at the Round Top rifle Hall 01:01 is where the original antique show 01:03 started and it was just a weekend it was 01:06 four days or so it was not this thing a 01:10 tune yes more like it is now my parents 01:13 had property out here in the 60s so I 01:17 kind of had a connection to Round Top 01:19 since I was a little kid at the time it 01:22 was just basically a week weekend type 01:23 trip we'd come up to Round Top and stay 01:26 for the weekend and then we pack our 01:28 stuff and go back to Houston but it was 01:30 just a weekend destination for us back 01:32 then of course there's nothing like 01:34 today around top is it's grown a lot 01:37 you know there's seems to like there's a 01:39 restaurant on every corner now so Round 01:41 Top City Limits is one square mile and 01:44 we're population 90 but we have 01:48 estimates in the past of eat easily a 01:51 hundred thousand people through the 01:52 two-week period it's it's amazing there 01:55 is actually I would say over three 01:58 thousand they use theirs because yeah 02:01 within each 02:02 you could have easily 400 vendors in 02:06 each yeah easy yeah 02:08 [Music] 02:13 it's really off the beaten path there's 02:16 no stress I mean you can come here in a 02:19 relaxed atmosphere they came as a unique 02:23 get out of the city they were all from 02:25 the city and they come to a small small 02:29 town do any vacation yeah so 02:32 unfortunately I have a younger brother 02:34 who recently became a quadriplegic and I 02:38 am his caregiver 24/7 so he is on a 02:42 little mini vacation for himself just 02:44 kind of a spiritual getaway for both of 02:47 us my wife Deborah chose wrong table she 02:50 and her brother were traveling actually 02:53 during tax period and the reason is she 02:56 just needed a break she called me and 02:58 she just said you've got a seat in this 03:00 place at antique time it comes a special 03:04 because all you hear is the chatter of 03:06 women and it's just beautiful I build 03:12 all my friends out of recycled it's old 03:15 privacy fence this is old Cypress that 03:18 is dug out of the swamps in Louisiana my 03:21 dad of help killed me when I bought this 03:25 fabric he looked at me and he said what 03:28 in the hell are you gonna do with that I 03:30 said watch me work I have plans corn I'm 03:33 thinking about covering him in fabric 03:35 now he's gonna be really cool 03:37 the flag is actually is a civil war flag 03:40 the man that carried this flag through 03:42 the whole war was killed the day robert 03:45 e lee's saurian brandy takes and dries 03:47 the heads out and he decorates them look 03:50 like a little diamonds it's broken time 03:52 glass I bought my life with my 30th 03:55 vintage child sewing machine today my 03:59 neighbor she taught me to 04:01 when I was about nine so maybe that's 04:03 where it when you see something or 04:06 passed by something you smell something 04:08 and it just it brings you back to that 04:10 childhood memory 04:11 we don't sell things we sell it 04:14 experience we sell memories we sell 04:17 nostalgia I remember going into 04:20 grandma's house and having the little 04:22 crystal dishes with the little crystal 04:24 divider for the nuts you know and you 04:27 see those in the booth sitting there you 04:29 think back of her and and you know a 04:31 little temple of peanuts you ran off the 04:34 house with and stuff you know it's just 04:35 fun it's comfortable it's it's a memory 04:39 some little boy got that for Christmas 04:41 and was excited you know and took care 04:44 of it some little girl got that and you 04:46 know you can just imagine she was so 04:49 excited there's all these lives that 04:51 they're no longer in existence but you 04:53 see their story and you'll see pictures 04:55 of Christmases and all these vintage 04:57 toys that they're opening and you almost 04:59 go into their little their life and get 05:02 to know them just do that I hope it'll 05:03 bring memories to them when they're 05:05 older and they have their own boys and 05:07 then they'll remember you know if they 05:08 see a little pig somewhere like I am 05:10 seeing these little peanut jars or cat 05:12 dishes that they'll say oh I remember 05:14 you know Nina had that 05:18 I'm very very blessed to be able to take 05:22 something that I'm good at and that I 05:25 absolutely love and turn it into a 05:27 future for me and my kids personally it 05:30 just it's part of me you know it's my I 05:32 put my heart and my soul in this place 05:34 so I feel you know it's I'm attached I 05:37 have a lot of a lot of history here and 05:39 I love it and we're still we're still 05:41 working it's working progress but I love 05:45 him it's just part of me my mom she 05:47 could turn the most boringest day ever 05:50 into something fabulous like and that's 05:52 always just been who she is and growing 05:55 up I realized like I have the same 05:58 mindset she kind of let me run loose in 06:00 the studio and I started being able to 06:02 create the things that I just dreamt of 06:04 my brother he has three young boys and 06:06 so I thought it would be a great idea 06:09 that when you kick them out of the house 06:13 because they've gotten your hair you can 06:16 give them a can of paint and say go 06:17 paint that pig and tomorrow you can have 06:20 a different color and the next day you 06:21 can put flowers or footballs or 06:23 baseballs or whatever your interest is 06:26 you know dinosaurs and monsters and just 06:28 go home and paint and have fun you know 06:30 just letting your imagination go instead 06:32 of the grinding everyday 06:34 minute-to-minute demand that that is 06:37 there you just have your you know the 06:40 imagination starts going through your 06:42 head and you forget about everything 06:43 else behind you 06:44 you know until you go back home 06:47 we got a house full of treasured items 06:50 that I'm key but most of it I would sell 06:53 like the price was right 06:55 there's someone on some I haven't ever 06:58 hop from the cell like someone saw it so 07:01 I love that even this stuff I really 07:03 really love if somebody else really 07:05 really loved it they probably own it 07:07 because it is after all it is just stuff 07:16 you

Welcome to the new Aspen -- otherwise known as Round Top, Texas (Population: 90). Stunningly user-friendly and oozing with an artful mix of Southern charm and chill, get the full vibe of this quaint but powerful town through the larger-than-life Round Top Antiques Fair, featuring more than 3,000 venues saturated with antiques and old stuff of the best sort.


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