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TCM Classic Film Festival

[Music] 00:03 all I can say is that life is better 00:08 because of Turner classic films the 00:10 funny thing is about a classic film I 00:13 don't care if I've seen it once twice 00:15 ten times you never tire of a classic 00:18 film it brings out the beauty of 00:21 humanity there's just nothing like a 00:23 classic Velma 00:24 [Music] 00:27 this is actually my eighth TCM classic 00:30 Film Festival I actually met my husband 00:32 here 00:33 in 2013 we are huge classic movie fans 00:36 so this is like the thing we do every 00:39 year this just becomes like comic-con 00:41 for people who like classic film so 00:43 you'll see a lot of people very themed 00:45 in there or drib places I'm so excited 00:48 because I just saw Billy Crystal and I 00:51 just put it on Facebook - yes sir I love 00:54 the old classics I love the old plus 00:56 advancing movies friends ginger I love 00:59 Fred and Ginger you know so I got all 01:02 access pass for for a lot of things so 01:04 I'm spoiling myself for the first time 01:06 ever I've always wanted to come here for 01:10 the past 10 years and fortunate enough 01:12 to be here this year to experience 01:13 everything I possibly can within the 01:16 time frame and with the time schedule 01:18 yeah I want to keep moving I want to 01:19 keep singing I want to keep experiencing 01:21 to be able to spend an entire day doing 01:23 nothing but theater hop and see the most 01:27 beautiful most glamorous stars on the 01:29 big screen is like a dream come true 01:31 this is probably the nicest festival for 01:33 just meeting people in line because 01:35 everyone has very niche interests so you 01:37 can say a reference and somebody in line 01:39 will get it that would never get it 01:41 otherwise the passion of this audience 01:44 is kind of can't be replicated anywhere 01:45 else everybody wants to see these movies 01:47 you know all together because it just 01:50 brings out the whole spirit and I 01:51 remember way back when I was younger 01:54 getting to see the Rocky movies and the 01:56 whole giant crowd and everybody's 01:57 standing up and yelling for you know 01:59 rocky to win the fights and everything 02:00 it's that kind of spirit that you get 02:02 when you go to see movies with people 02:03 who are really into it like this there 02:05 is something very very special about the 02:07 TCM person and for me these are 02:10 absolutely positively my people I just 02:12 think it's great like if you really love 02:14 classic movies and you've always thought 02:15 of that you want to go I think it's 02:17 worth it just to come out here buy a 02:19 ticket because you'll meet a lot of 02:20 people that you like and then you can 02:23 you know remain friends with them like 02:24 online or whatever and then see them 02:26 every year so it's a nice like building 02:28 nice opportunity build a community in 02:30 our like society reverie so in our 02:32 little silos and every our screen 02:34 experience is our phone it's 02:36 irreplaceable to actually see a film 02:38 with people all happening in the moment 02:41 the way it was meant to be it not to be 02:43 appreciated but it is magical it is a 02:45 way of bringing the past into the 02:47 present because I can tell you I was 02:49 most definitely born in the wrong period 02:52 I'll be back next year and I'll be 02:55 making my vintage dresses for next year 02:58 gonna be sewing them I got all these 03:01 vintage patterns at home and I have my 03:02 little Oscar I even had Miami whoop up 03:05 in the room UK 3d print of these things 03:09 for me so easy 03:12 [Music] 03:14 you 03:14

This year, Turner Classic Movies celebrated its 10th annual Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, where thousands of avid film Enthusiasts are attending screenings of the industry’s legendary movies at historic theater venues in this quintessential company town. The festival features meet-and-greets, celebrity guests, and expert panel discussions for more than 20,000 attendees.


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