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E3 Los Angeles

0:04 we are here in illustrious downtown la 0:07 at e3 the electronics entertainment expo 0:11 all things video games you're gonna find 0:12 them in here developers new games 0:14 demoing games let's take a look 0:17 [Music] 0:22 i've been coming to e3 for maybe 10 0:24 years now first time first year second 0:26 this is my first time at e3 i've always 0:28 wanted to go and i finally got the 0:30 chance i was here last year had so much 0:32 fun had to come again he was hyping it 0:33 up last year because i didn't go with 0:35 him i've just been wanting to come here 0:37 for years i am here to just have fun and 0:40 enjoy myself basically all the game 0:42 developers i was always interested in 0:43 how the games work and how they get 0:44 developed and all that the primary 0:46 reason i'm here at e3 is i'm a huge 0:47 nintendo fan i love visiting their booth 0:49 and seeing all the great new things they 0:51 have 0:53 the demo i really want to try is the 0:55 assassin creek one the assassin's creed 0:57 odyssey looks amazing spider-man was so 1:00 good i'm gonna play the crap out of it 1:02 and 1:03 just don't get any sleep just play keep 1:05 lanky playing i really wanted to go to 1:08 the microsoft theater because they 1:10 announced devil may cry 5. oh super 1:12 smash brothers smash which i played 1:13 yesterday and i'm going to try to play 1:15 again today because smash the new smash 1:17 brothers has been really excited right 1:18 now i'm super excited for smash bros and 1:21 pokemon i got a chance to play smash 1:23 bros on the first day which was great i 1:25 entered in the competitive version and 1:26 was able to actually win i'm still hyped 1:28 up from call of duty i just played black 1:31 ops 4. he got the winning kill they had 1:33 me in a 1v1 with three stocks six 1:36 minutes on battlefield and i ended up 1:39 winning that was against the fox player 1:40 actually oh of course it was a fox 1:43 player it felt good trust me 1:47 i love playing video games i like to 1:49 think i play a lot of different types of 1:50 video games and 1:52 yeah i just i love video games that's 1:54 why i'm here i've been playing games for 1:56 as long as i can remember i know first 1:58 game besides a bunch of those nintendo 2:00 games is halo it was really good and 2:02 i've just been playing them ever since 2:03 20 years later i'm a huge video game 2:05 nerd love video games i love uh watching 2:09 people play i love the excitement that 2:10 everybody has just the general sense of 2:12 teamwork it takes to win a match you 2:14 know just getting together with your 2:16 squad strategizing and fast-paced action 2:18 that's what i like about it 2:25 general consensus is that that 2:27 spider-man game looks great nintendo is 2:29 crushing it it's exciting to be into 2:31 games right now we got some fun stuff 2:33 coming out 2:44 you

E3 Los Angeles 2018 - it was absolutely EVERYTHING. If you don't believe us, go ask Mario, Industry Truth Seeker.


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