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California Strawberry Festival

00:04 [Music] 00:05 papé ash posters back here in Oxnard 00:08 California the nation's top producer of 00:11 strawberries over the next two days of 00:13 this festival over one and a half 00:14 million strawberries are going to be 00:16 consumed here alone let's go take a look 00:20 this is strawberry lemonade actually I 00:23 dip the pizza in here that's why I got 00:25 all whites up in here so yeah it's my 00:27 own little concoction she bought the 00:39 strawberry pizza would look good and she 00:41 gave me some of them so I whipped cream 00:43 strawberry powdered sugar and then you 00:45 know of course it have to bread on it 00:48 it's the first time I've seen a funnel 00:51 cake 00:51 oh they ordered one several shared I 00:53 said no well order to garlic fries the 00:57 chose chocolate-covered strawberry 01:00 I love strawberries 01:05 so you know I probably eat a dead body 01:07 with Robert they're yummy and good and 01:10 sweetie nicely do you see that was a kid 01:13 I just love strawberry anything 01:15 strawberry particularly at a Nutella 01:17 strawberry pizza and it is to die for 01:20 I've imagined my life ever since we can 01:23 go and that's the one thing when I walk 01:24 in that's what I want 01:25 was the strawberry fungus it was a treat 01:27 so birds are a treat here that we need 01:30 them get them every day certainly not 01:32 this size I mean my brother you saw was 01:34 eat strawberry toast and the smell of 01:37 strawberry I always thought in with 01:38 sliced hot and spicy but one day I tried 01:41 it and I was like man this is good so 01:43 I've been hooked on strawberry since the 01:45 70s 01:47 what brought you to the Strawberry 01:50 Festival in particular a fine outing for 01:52 our girls yes seeing everybody smiles 01:57 just being together yeah especially 01:59 that's what this girl needs we got 02:01 together 02:05 hey attach posters thanks for coming 02:07 along to California's strawberry 02:09 festival here in Oxnard California we 02:11 had amazing strawberry wine and 02:13 strawberry pizza for lunch 02:14 Wade strawberry shortcake for dessert we 02:17 enjoyed a lot of amazing creative 02:19 pursuits we saw some amazing hats and we 02:21 explored a really beautiful city so 02:23 thank you so much for visiting posh post 02:25 com where every interest is special 02:27 we'll see you next time 02:28

Get ready to fall-in-love - not with Strawberries but with the leading man of T2's coverage of the California Strawberry Festival. Introducing the Super Fan of Super Fans -- the man who loves strawberries so unabashedly he has made dipping strawberry pizza into strawberry lemonade a culinary art form. Regardless of your special interest, if you're 100% passionate about it you'll know exactly how he feels, and what it means to be truly, madly, deeply committed.


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