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MCAS Miramar Air Show Salute To Vietnam Veterans

00:02 [Music] 00:21 this is a humbling experience for me to 00:24 be here with all this heroes the 00:27 veterans we are here to say thank you 00:30 thank you to the veterans for their 00:32 service 00:36 I had back surgery at 17 from a car 00:40 accident so I was never able to join 00:42 this is kind of my way of giving back 00:44 and still being a part of the military 00:45 community many of them actually I had 00:54 the chance to meet they were crying one 00:57 of them said that's my friend in there 00:59 on that wall he was supposed to be in my 01:01 wedding in there instead he went into 01:03 combat and never they come back 01:07 I try to talk to them to have maybe some 01:10 kind of closure that you know now in our 01:13 society are now thanking them for their 01:15 service or country and that our young 01:18 men and young women today appreciate the 01:20 freedom that we enjoy today because of 01:22 their service 01:23 [Music]

“A Salute to Vietnam Veterans” was the focus of the largest annual military Air Show in the country last fall at Marine Corps Air Station located in Miramar, San Diego. Emotion was taken to new heights during the pinning ceremony whereby the Pentagon's Vietnam War Commemoration Office awarded Vietnam Veterans a lapel pin formally thanking the military heroes for their service as well as extending each Vet a long-awaited, much-deserved "Welcome Home" that pretty much took your breath away.


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