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Gen Con

this year is Gen cons 52nd year I've 00:14 been here since 2004 I've been coming 00:16 for about six or seven years now my 00:18 career's GenCon this is our fourth year 00:21 here at Gen Con this is my third gen 00:23 pond and I love this show this is by far 00:26 my favorite show I'm a huge gamer Gen 00:29 Con is the best four days of gaming we 00:31 have a record number amount of 00:32 exhibitors over 500 in the exhibit hall 00:35 we have record amount of gaming events 00:37 going on which happened 24/7 and we're 00:39 over 20,000 of those that happen all 00:42 over downtown Indianapolis 00:44 I've always been super into gaming I 00:46 really like board games and I always 00:48 really had a lot of fun with board games 00:49 because I had a small friend group 00:52 growing up and we would play everything 00:53 College board games was just a way I 00:56 would it's overwhelming the best way 01:01 I've had a really awesome time few games 01:04 from early two years I started getting 01:07 to you know like magic the gathering and 01:09 like the collectible card games and then 01:10 that sort of evolved into the board 01:13 games that we have here today working 01:14 here coming to Gen Con coming to other 01:16 conventions I've learned a lot about 01:18 games and have become a game I'm not so 01:21 much as intense as a lot of people here 01:23 not into the big long strategy games but 01:25 I love light fun party games family 01:27 games locomotives is our board game we 01:29 call it kind of a beer and pretzels game 01:31 very quick to get into very quick to set 01:33 up but very complex in terms of its 01:36 strategy we realize there's several 01:38 principles of 01:39 I think making a game pop here one is 01:41 it's got a replayability you can't be 01:43 play it once in a while never play that 01:44 differently has to have multiple ways to 01:46 play has to have a story to be told at 01:49 the end of the game that you can sort of 01:51 sit around and convince and have a 01:52 little fun with and lastly it better be 01:54 easy to set up teardown rules have to be 01:56 simple can't make it complex it's our 02:00 first time exhibiting it yeah it's the 02:02 first time exhibiting at the show but we 02:03 did come once before a ton of our 02:05 audiences really into role-playing games 02:08 I got out of high school and I really 02:10 didn't know what to do with my time I'd 02:12 see these miniatures Warhammer 02:14 miniatures on the shelf I thought I'd 02:15 give that a try so I bought one bought a 02:18 couple more and bought a couple more and 02:20 I took some time to myself and I just 02:22 don't deep into pain and stuff a lot of 02:24 people need things done wine and I think 02:26 it's a good thing to dislike both do 02:28 some fruit some creative some positive 02:30 when you produce something with the 02:32 recession 2008-2009 a lot of people 02:35 turned to playing board games again 02:37 because it's inexpensive entertainment 02:39 we've seen a lot more board games over 02:42 the years surging and I just think there 02:44 was a culture of people who grew up with 02:46 games that now embrace everything geek 02:49 my name flora Elliott and I own silver 02:51 leaf costumes we design and make 02:54 historical clothing with a little bit of 02:56 a twist and we come to Gen Con we've 02:58 been here for many years every time I 03:00 come here I end up leaving with a board 03:02 gamer choo we're all inspired by the 03:04 same thing 03:05 a lot of things for dandy games and 03:07 characters the wonderful thing about Gen 03:10 Con is but doesn't try to be anything 03:12 that it's not but it also moves and can 03:15 change with the culture you see a lot 03:17 more women who game we have people here 03:20 in their 70s and 80s that are gaming and 03:22 you see you know families bringing kids 03:23 in and everything in between it's a 03:27 great convention and I think that speaks 03:30 for itself come to judge crime 03:32 this is the best convention you get to 03:34 try all the things see all the things 03:35 anyone Chicago because even if it's a 03:39 simple outfit you get to have fun 03:49 you

The largest tabletop games convention in America, Gen Con is without a doubt the best four days in gaming. Almost 70,000 board game enthusiasts head to Indianapolis every year for this epic event that has been held since 1968 and just keeps getting bigger.


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