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L.A. Marathon 2019

[Music] 00:04 I love the community of running I think 00:06 running with other people can kind of 00:08 help push paces especially in work out 00:10 and in races that's why you go out to 00:11 race because you can push each other you 00:13 know now I'm preparing for the 2020 00:14 Olympic Trials so I'm excited for that 00:16 we are here because we love this I love 00:19 LA and people the community but this is 00:23 the first time in the la Madame you feel 00:25 so good you thinking about the family 00:27 they put a training process and and also 00:30 what is your goal and stay focusing on 00:33 that Jane's run away the running program 00:35 that helps students to run the LA 00:38 Marathon some are at risk some are just 00:40 trying to find a challenging beat to 00:43 take over and they are our motivation 00:47 because they are making the same 00:48 sacrifices that the adults are making 00:51 yet they're younger and they're showing 00:54 up with smiles and laughing and just 00:56 being positive and you know they're set 00:59 an example for us as well like what did 01:02 I do 01:05 what was customary definitely not takea 01:16 Nico famous races which attacked with 01:19 the title of animal so easy 01:33 Man Lands on Moon | PASH Profiles | PASHpost we choose to go to the moon we choose to 00:04 go to the moon in this decade and do the 00:06 other things not because they are easy 00:09 but because they are hard 00:11 no single space project in this period 00:14 will be more impressive to mankind or 00:17 more important for the long-range 00:19 exploration of space ever after 00:27 MCAS Miramar Air Show | PASH Profiles | PASHpost [Music] 00:23 this is a humbling experience for me to 00:26 be here with all this heroes the 00:29 veterans we are here to say thank you 00:32 thank you to the veterans for their 00:34 service 00:38 I had back surgery at 17 from a car 00:42 accident so I was never able to join 00:44 this is kind of my way of giving back 00:45 and still being a part of the military 00:47 community many of them actually I had 00:56 the chance to meet they were crying one 00:58 of them said that's my friend in there 01:00 on that wall he was supposed to be in my 01:02 wedding in there instead it went into a 01:05 combat and never they come back 01:09 I try to talk to them to have maybe some 01:12 kind of closure that you know now in our 01:15 society are now thanking them for their 01:17 service or country and that our young 01:20 men and young women today appreciate the 01:22 freedom that we enjoy today because of 01:24 their service 01:25

The 34th L.A. Marathon featured more more than 24,000 athletes from all 50 states and more than 63 countries. Beginning at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, the marathon traverses the entire city of L.A. -- ending at the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.


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