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the thing that I think is interesting 0:06 about pickle ball is that it's very 0:09 inclusive everybody looks at everybody 0:11 is the same on this court for instance 0:13 if I went out to this court right now 0:14 and even though I'm not an avid pickle 0:16 ball player these individuals out here 0:19 would be quick to say hey let me show 0:21 you how to dink let me show you how to 0:23 hit come and join our game that is 0:25 what I think pickle ball is building a 0:27 stronger community and getting to 0:30 provide a little bit of escapism 0:31 throughout the day my name is Matt Hale 0:33 and I am the director of marketing for 0:35 the amateur pickleball Association the 0:37 amateur pickleball Association put 0:39 on amateur tournaments for pickleball 0:41 players across the country for instance 0:43 this weekend we're here in Southern 0:45 California coming to a tournament like 0:47 this for instance what would make it 0:48 successful the majority of pickle ball 0:50 players have 9-5s you know they're not 0:53 on the PPA or the PPA tour regularly and 0:56 getting paid I would introduce myself as 0:58 Jill Sharkey and I'm Denise Tisdale or 1:00 better known as hammer and shark 1:02 from Santa Barbara California I've never 1:04 had a sport where I've had so much fun 1:06 with girlfriends to the point where I 1:08 have so many more friends from playing 1:09 pickle ball you go out in that 1:11 pickleball court and we're laughing 1:12 we're joking we have text groups we go 1:15 out to dinner after we just all enjoy 1:17 each other so it's fun cause you can 1:19 compete and battle but at the same time 1:21 just making incredible friendships from 1:23 a lot of different walks of life ages 1:25 from 19 to almost 70 and it's like a 1:28 chess game an athletic 1:30 event a social game it teaches you 1:33 life lessons it gives you everything you 1:35 need we got gold and it was a fun venue 1:38 to be on top of a you know parking 1:40 structure I didn't know where it was and 1:41 it's pretty fun to be here Warner Center 1:43 pickle ball was really best kept secret 1:46 for so long hi my name is Leslie Maltz 1:48 and I am the director and owner of 1:50 Warner Center pickle ball the Valley's 1:52 number one largest outdoor pickle ball 1:54 facility this is our first official 1:57 APA tournament. Pickle ball it is a sport 2:00 and people do love the community but 2:02 they want to compete and so your 2:04 competitive players want to know where 2:06 they are on that scale of you know 2-5, 3-0 2:10 4-0, and they're all aspiring to get 2:12 better and I'm watching my beginner 2:13 players that started in April are now 2:15 competing and they're feeling really 2:17 empowered by this and they're going to 2:19 start competing more and more and I can 2:20 see that they're going to Skyrocket in 2:22 the sport so my name is Juliet Fedoroff 2:25 this is my first time doing like an 2:26 organized tournament like this I was 2:28 just hoping to not get last place so I'm 2:30 pretty pleased with myself one of the 2:31 people that I was playing with she 2:33 actually was the first person who taught 2:34 me how to play singles so she was my 2:36 first game and so the last time I played 2:38 her was when she was teaching me how to 2:39 play singles so the reason I come here 2:41 is like because we I've met probably 2:43 like 50 60 new friends who like we know 2:46 by name like looking back or 2:47 hearing someone Cheer and you look back 2:49 and you see like five six people that 2:50 you know that you didn't know were here 2:52 felt really good so it was nice that 2:54 they were all there to watch me take a 2:56 win so we have a couple of cool things 2:58 that are happening at this event 3:00 today one of the big things is the 3:02 introduction of maybe using a new app 3:04 I'm Mark Tenney I'm the founder of the 3:06 swish app swish does automated 3:08 pickleball tournaments so round Robins 3:11 MLP format all sorts of tournament 3:13 formats swish automates the entire 3:15 process from creating the brackets the 3:18 scorekeeping court assignments 3:20 calculating results so we're here with 3:22 the American pickleball Association 3:23 helping run the different divisions on 3:25 swish when the players arrive for the 3:27 tournament as they check in scan the QR 3:30 code and now they can be tracking every 3:32 single round so we're really excited to 3:33 be doing our first of hopefully many 3:35 tournaments with the APA the APA always 3:38 does very large events so you see all 3:40 the skill levels you'll see men's 3:42 women's mixed divisions doubles singles 3:44 and so it's really nice to just see 3:47 the entire spectrum of pickle ball 3:49 players all gathered together at one 3:50 event hi I'm Matthew Williams I'm here 3:52 to support my mom who's playing in the 3:54 tournament right now her name's Reena 3:56 she's always wanting to win never 3:57 settling for less and just seeing that 3:59 she's able to translate into 4:01 something that she's passionate about 4:02 it's just inspiring to see hopefully I 4:04 get to play a couple tournaments with 4:06 her and see if I could help her win 4:08 anybody can be good no matter how you 4:10 know fit they are to their Fitness level 4:12 it's always good to just see like all 4:13 age groups playing I'm Ron Pobuta 4:17 from West Lake Village California and 4:19 I'm Dr Daniel Zucker from Porter Ranch 4:22 California we are not Partners in real 4:24 life but in pickleball we are 4:25 partners and we have an amazing 4:28 tournament today everybody wants to play 4:30 and everybody wants to experience the 4:33 beauty of competition it kind of Stokes 4:35 our fire for competitiveness which you 4:37 know once you get past 50 you're kind of 4:39 looking for something to do but the real 4:41 thing that I admire most about pickle 4:43 ball is the social element of it you can 4:44 play with young people and old people of 4:46 equal skill and it's just as fun I 4:50 used to be a baseball player and this 4:52 is my new way to stay fit and stay in 4:53 shape and it's a great social game I 4:55 can even play with my wife which is 4:57 awesome our players want to play pickle 4:59 ball it's not necessarily all about 5:01 winning the medals or oh we can go here 5:03 and win 500 bucks we want them to engage 5:06 with other people that that are on the 5:08 courts we want them to be able to win 5:10 some matches maybe win a medal and the 5:12 t-shirt and that's all fine and dandy 5:14 but as long as we create a better 5:16 Community among people in general if 5:19 we're leveraging pickle ball to do that 5:21 that's all that we really hope for 5:23

Don't watch If you're the jealous type...the Amateur Pickleball Association's September 2023 SoCal GOLD CUP TOURNAMENT hosted on one of LA's most picturesque rooftops - with 360 views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica and San Gabriel mountain ranges - solidified APA as one of amateur pickleball's most visionary tournament hosts as well as LA's position as not only the future Pickleball Capitol of the world, but the most beautiful place on earth to play America's favorite sport. APA's 2023 SoCal Gold Cup Tournament, with approximately 150 players competing at the prestigious Warner Tennis Center, was a pickleball event unlike any other: The passion, the play, the participants all came together with APA's innovative vision and amazing on-site coordination. Cannot wait to see what this great amateur tournament enterprise has on-tap as the sport continues to amass pickleball passion among the masses - with events like APA's, the world keeps getting little more magical, one pickleball at a time.


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