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L.A. Critical Mass Bike Ride

[Music] 00:07 with Subhash post we're here in 00:10 Koreatown we're right in front of the 00:12 famous Walter and if you haven't heard 00:14 of it we're here for the LA critical 00:15 mass bike rides a community bike ride 00:18 here in LA happens once a month it's a 00:20 fun ride we're gonna get into it before 00:22 they take off on us I started riding a 00:33 couple of years ago good bike riding 00:36 half a century but this is my second 00:38 time here it's my first time it was my 00:40 first time this is actually my second 00:42 time once a month I come and ride with a 00:44 group I've been doing it for about four 00:45 years I do it any chance I guess she's 00:48 been wanting to ride and I'm like no 00:49 baby if I could barely do it you not 00:51 gonna make it she said I could do what I 00:53 could do it so finally I let her come 00:55 along and she's doing a great job 00:56 [Music] 01:02 I'm here to just have a good time my 01:05 buddies and media people it's a lot 01:08 different people from different cultures 01:09 like seeing that people are writing 01:12 community I came the first time and I 01:14 find out what the community had we've 01:15 wanted to write in group together it's 01:19 so much fun you know come on come on 01:21 every type of riders here afterwards we 01:24 all go get something to eat it like 01:25 midnight and we all talk and it's just a 01:28 lot of fun hey guys we just rode through 01:31 Griffith Park it was pretty cool we saw 01:33 all these really neat bikes with tons of 01:36 lights some kids out here just doing a 01:38 really great job it's a long ride it's 01:40 about 25 miles and they're killing it 01:41 let me tell you what's your favorite 01:45 part about the ride so far when we go 01:47 down the hill just feel like a kid again 01:51 teenager again the crime and other 01:53 fellow cyclist that's it I've been 01:55 biking the grim-faced Park before but 01:58 not at night it's super amazing it's 02:00 really beautiful amazing right going 02:02 through the city and then coming in 02:03 looking at the trees and stuff it was it 02:05 was awesome 02:08 we've seen some great things throughout 02:11 the entire ride today we're gonna do 02:13 some amazing people we went to Griffith 02:15 Park Briggs poi la it was wonderful and 02:17 now it's come to an end we'll see you 02:20 next time 02:21 it takes passion to keep writing 50 02:24 miles or more it's just a thrill to be 02:27 out here you know an excitement we all 02:29 are doing something that we all enjoy 02:30 cycling 02:31 [Music]

To ride a bike is a magical experience in-and-of-itself, but to take a 24-mile bike ride through a city like Los Angeles during the night hours, at times guided only by the light of the stars and the moon, well, that's magic on a whole new level. L.A. Critical Mass, considered America's largest community bike ride, happens monthly, with 1000s of cyclists of all ages and skill levels riding in ad-hoc yet perfect formation, as if choreographed by the Joffrey's Mark Morris.


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