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0:00 she's much better than me and I already 0:02 approved 0:03 she's just really kind but 0:08 [Music] 0:12 we pump each other up yeah 0:15 one factor we're all in our 60s I'll be 0:19 61 on Monday okay 0:21 we've been playing for about a year but 0:24 we've only been playing together for 0:27 like a couple months these two we just 0:30 met and asked if we could play a game 0:32 and we just hooked up and we just loved 0:34 we had glasses 0:36 it's both but Community is like huge 0:39 Community is enormous yes everybody is 0:42 so welcoming so welcoming and so great 0:44 to always have new players and whenever 0:47 a new player comes on the floor we're 0:48 like come on come on we'll help you 0:49 we'll teach you everybody has a starting 0:51 point and and people and and you get 0:54 better quick and I think that's why 0:56 people stay with it because older people 0:59 they're really good I'm just saying 1:01 they're quick yeah but you know every 1:04 shot is an opportunity to do better and 1:07 so you stay with it because you grow 1:09 pretty quick in the sport I think I 1:12 think we've all gone a long way because 1:13 I was just telling her um like 10 1:15 minutes ago I like playing with people 1:17 that are better than you because it 1:19 makes you play better she's much better 1:21 at me and I already approved my game 1:23 which is just really kind but yeah 1:27 so some of us live in the same Community 1:30 we have a ladies social cookbook we 1:33 specifically want the beginner ladies to 1:37 come out so I think our group is really 1:39 really welcoming too just beginning 1:42 women that don't want to get out with 1:44 you know the men and the women and come 1:47 out in the morning with with us and play 1:51 some play place and there's usually a 1:54 beginner or one-on-one clinic or an 1:56 intro and just go and there'll be many 1:59 intro people there and you learn you get 2:02 to be friends right away and you just 2:04 start playing and solicit some of your 2:06 tennis courts that aren't being used 2:10 whether you like it or not and there are 2:13 a lot of fancy tips and a lot of the 2:15 tennis players are moving over to The 2:18 Logical Pros there's so many switchings 2:21 and if they're into social media there 2:24 is a pickleball group called pickleball 2:25 women on Facebook and it's women all 2:28 over the United States and very often 2:31 there'll be a new person that hops on 2:32 and says I'm located here anybody else 2:35 there and what do you recommend and 2:37 there's usually a bunch of women that 2:38 answer and let her know where she can 2:40 get together with some beginning it's 2:42 good yeah beginning women that's the 2:45 beauty of it it really is everyone I 2:48 mean you see all walks of Life come out 2:51 here 3:07 just come out and have fun but winning 3:10 is really fun yeah

Get ready to get inspired – a casual discussion with 4 players participating in the Coachella Valley Pickleball Tournament held recently at PGA West. Drop-in on this convo as these amazing players share their personal experiences about getting involved with this user-friendly game that’s turning spectators into participants.


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