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World Dairy Expo

00:00 whether you are citizens of America or 00:04 citizens of the world ask of us here the 00:09 same high standards of strength and 00:13 sacrifice which we ask of you with a 00:17 good conscience our only sure reward 00:21 with history the final judge of our 00:24 deeds let us go forth to lead the land 00:28 we love asking his blessing and his help 00:34 but knowing that here on earth God's 00:38 work must truly be our own I think or 00:46 was really called the original 00:49 environment living off the land you know 00:54 press releases emails almost kind of 00:56 thing ok but I find if I hang consistent 00:59 across the country let me relax to look 01:01 up and now they'd like to see if you're 01:02 all finished 01:03 understand what they're going through 01:04 the challenges and that's really when we 01:06 get out here you know dimittis farmers 01:08 historically traditionally we're fairly 01:11 private independent kind of guys they 01:13 just want to sit behind the farm gate 01:15 and do our job and produce the best 01:16 wholesome safe nutritious food in the 01:19 world and a little coffee anywhere in 01:21 the world you've got a great story to 01:23 tell we're gonna tell that story machine 01:27 and loudly well so a world Dairy exports 01:31 draws about 65 to 70 thousand from 01:34 across the United States and they'll 01:36 probably come from 90 countries this is 01:38 the International global meeting place 01:40 if you want to see very technology 01:42 you're coming to world Dairy export my 01:44 name is Rudy epic Inc I am marketing 01:46 manager for need of livestock management 01:48 we are here at world Dairy Expo showing 01:51 our technology so what you will see here 01:53 around the neck of the cow is what we 01:55 call the smart tech and the smart tag is 01:57 a sensor that measures the activity of 02:00 the cow it measures eating rumination 02:02 inactive behavior to give a lot of 02:04 information about the health status of 02:06 the cow and it also recognizes the exact 02:09 location of the cow in the barn 02:10 II thought that it's actually 02:12 kind of strange that we are still 02:14 looking at information about cows on 02:16 smartphones and on PCs while actually 02:19 you want that information to be right on 02:21 top of the cows when you walk the barn 02:23 and augmented reality is a new 02:26 technology that allows us to have an 02:30 information right on top of the cows 02:31 when you walk the barn to really create 02:34 an experience where you mix the real 02:37 world and the digital information about 02:39 your herd and it also has different 02:41 options that make this technology very 02:44 intuitive to use which are hand gestures 02:47 like finger snips to open up information 02:49 or to enter information in management 02:52 systems and also voice commands so I can 02:54 also use commands like open or pregnant 02:57 or next to navigate through different 03:00 pieces of information and that makes it 03:03 a real intuitive way of consuming her 03:05 data and a real intuitive way of 03:08 interacting with technology cow's milk 03:11 is considered by nutritionists to be a 03:13 complete food and what's meant by that 03:16 is cow's milk has a very very high 03:19 nutritional value as humans what we need 03:22 for our own growth is proteins proteins 03:24 are made up of amino acids and these are 03:27 called building blocks of proteins 03:29 if you drink cow's milk or consume dairy 03:32 products you are getting a very high 03:35 quality protein besides it tastes very 03:38 good too so dairy farmers do many many 03:41 many things on the farm to make sure 03:44 that their cows are comfortable they 03:46 have a healthy life because a calm happy 03:50 cow is a very productive cow in 1999 my 03:54 dad brought a single-chamber 03:56 water bed for dairy cows to North 03:59 America we sell DCCC water beds to dairy 04:03 cows worldwide so this is the dual 04:06 chamber water bed for dairy cows and so 04:09 the kind of the way that a cow enters 04:12 into her bed is she walks into the stall 04:15 like you can see my two feet are stable 04:18 on the ground and we 04:20 to be stable she'll continue to walk 04:22 until her front feet are at the front of 04:25 the stall and as you can see this blue 04:27 area shows where we have water to pillow 04:31 and cushion her knees because when the 04:34 cow goes to lie down she'll go with one 04:37 knee and then the other knee and so her 04:41 knees will be cushioned as she's going 04:43 to lie down so one of the things that I 04:46 love about working with farmers around 04:47 the world is that as different as a can 04:50 be in the different countries this thing 04:52 that is the same is that farmers around 04:55 the world no matter what size of the 04:57 farm they love and cherish their cows 05:01 they care for them as much and maybe 05:04 even sometimes better than their own 05:06 kids it's a more comfort to give to an 05:08 animal the best food you give to an 05:10 animal and even having them loose is 05:13 very very good because it makes a move 05:15 makes them have exercise the better your 05:18 cows are the more melded gonna produce a 05:20 more fertile they're gonna be the longer 05:23 they're gonna stay around so it's very 05:24 profitable for a farmer to treat this 05:26 cows well my name is Nicole alone I work 05:29 with the firm Lodi and Blondin tires 05:31 I'm from st. Lassiter back my actually 05:36 my brother and I are the eighth 05:37 generation on the family business we're 05:39 milking two hundred thousand ow but we 05:42 have seven to eight hundred animals all 05:45 knowing your cash might seem a little 05:47 bit odd for the people that don't that 05:50 are enough in the industry but every 05:52 single cows are different so you get to 05:55 know their personality out there like 05:57 and how they look and how they evolve 05:59 over time so you can really figure out 06:02 by working with the cows how she is 06:04 doing today so the art of breeding we 06:08 analyze fifty thousand DNA DNA markers 06:14 to figure out their genetic potential 06:16 and then we Carolee this marker with 06:19 I'll straight the legs gonna be how well 06:22 it has the other is going to be how much 06:24 mil they gotta get how fertile they 06:26 gotta be from that we can define how 06:28 they should transmit and this is a very 06:31 powerful tool real life actually matters 06:33 too so that's that's bringing back the 06:35 art of breathing there and one that was 06:37 a kill like when my heifer would lay 06:39 down and lay down on her and at some 06:42 point that sometimes they put the head 06:43 back on you so it's it's pretty cute 06:46 that's just pretty cute yeah yeah 06:50 they're big they're big lovable animals 06:53 I've learned to watch the road from like 06:56 always being like very happy when I'm 07:01 around her so then she gets happy I wash 07:04 her and Walker every day once or twice a 07:06 day so we either rinse her or we 07:09 completely wash her but we don't want to 07:11 wash her like every day otherwise our 07:13 skin gets dry today I will be showing 07:16 her and there's a lot of competition but 07:19 I know that will be great uh her ears 07:21 perk up so now she's happy 07:27 she responds really well to me division 07:31 really good so I'm here working a booth 07:35 at the World Dairy Expo for the National 07:37 hay Association he is essential 07:39 especially of the commodity market in 07:42 the United States the hay industry in 07:44 the United States is huge just because 07:46 it encompasses so many different types 07:48 of forages everything that you grow has 07:51 kind of a different purpose so every 07:53 part of the United States has a 07:55 different type of forage that they work 07:57 with but the National hay Association 08:00 encompasses all those forages under our 08:02 umbrella were four to five hundred 08:05 strong today we encompass to everybody 08:07 who works within the industry so I 08:10 happen to be a grower but there's also 08:12 the people that service the industry 08:14 it's investing in hey would be a good 08:16 solid investment we're plant-based and 08:18 we're here to feed the animal industry 08:21 and so we're natural it's a big part of 08:24 our food chain making hay and having hay 08:26 in the barn is like money in the bank we 08:29 would rather have hay in the barn that 08:30 we would have money in the bank because 08:33 it's something tangible and it's and 08:35 it's something that it's a commodity 08:37 that's that's always needed and there's 08:40 always a home port and so rather than 08:43 have money in the bank we'd rather have 08:45 hay in the barn this world is growing in 08:48 population like crazy we will need more 08:50 food we are in a thriving industry based 08:53 on that there will be a need to increase 08:55 productivity there will be a need to 08:57 increase robotics the reason for that is 09:00 less than 1.5 percent of the labor force 09:02 in the u.s. works in agriculture you 09:05 think about what I'm you said only 1.5 09:08 percent of the total labor force in the 09:10 u.s. works in agriculture all the rest 09:13 works in the rural and on the urban 09:15 areas right now so 1.5 percent and even 09:17 that number is shrinking will produce 09:19 the food of the other ninety eight point 09:23 five percent or ninety nine percent so 09:26 how are we gonna do that efficiently 09:27 robotics drones data artificial 09:31 intelligence and the combination of all 09:34 of them making the processes way more 09:36 efficient and autonomous 09:37 haven't lived the urban suburban 09:39 lifestyle but what I have lived its farm 09:41 agriculture and what I love about it is 09:43 the chance for our children to have some 09:46 opportunities to connect to the land and 09:48 understand where their food comes from 09:50 connect to the animals because it's a 09:52 whole nother perspective of compare care 09:55 and compassion so many people have cats 09:58 and dogs well we have dairy cattle and 10:01 we have show pigs 10:02 it's not about yourself it's about the 10:04 care for them and what they need so 10:06 they'll be responsible for doing the 10:08 chores before they go to school they're 10:10 responsible for coming home checking in 10:12 with the animals pushing up the hay 10:13 making sure that they have these they'll 10:16 clean out the Pens and they'll walk and 10:18 they'll wash them every day and then at 10:20 night time you know just being outside 10:21 whether the kids are playing ball and we 10:24 have the animals talking to them in the 10:25 background that's farm life that's 10:27 agriculture and I'm really proud of it 10:31 farmers have an incredible bond theory 10:34 farmers men and women are some of the 10:36 hardest-working people on the planet 10:37 because they understand the work it 10:40 takes getting up twice a day or three 10:42 times a day milking your cows cows don't 10:44 take a vacation the people in our dairy 10:47 industry and our dairy family around the 10:49 United States and the world they know 10:51 what it takes to get the job done 10:52 and they believe in their heart of 10:55 hearts they're providing some of the 10:56 best food for Hanley 10:58 [Music]

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