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hey patch posters Beth here at the West 00:08 Hollywood Park today we're going to be 00:09 checking out pawza Palooza 00:11 which is a really cool event put on by 00:12 paws la today we're gonna be seeing a 00:14 dog costume contest or some kid-friendly 00:17 activities and there are a lot of really 00:18 great dog vendors that have products and 00:21 services that we get to check out today 00:22 too so let's check out positive Felisa 00:24 come on in it was 30 years ago the 00:37 middle of the AIDS crisis I was losing 00:39 all the people I loved to AIDS they'd 00:41 also not yet lost their home their 00:43 livelihood their friends and their 00:46 animals were their only little friend 00:48 left and they were having to give them 00:50 up so one night we sat around a glass of 00:52 wine and said why don't we start 00:54 something and so causally that some 00:58 wonderful support was borned up night 01:00 when something happens you don't use 01:02 your pet we provide pet food veterinary 01:05 service and mostly foster homes this is 01:08 really a community event it's just 01:10 something they sort of give back to the 01:11 community we sort of started in West 01:14 Hollywood so this is a great opportunity 01:15 to come back into the city 01:17 [Music] 01:20 this is Bo he was found at a rescue 01:22 organization called waggy tail rescue we 01:24 kind of immediately bonded with him he 01:26 was just friendly and sweet and he just 01:30 really attached to Leah like instantly I 01:32 think she knew in the first 30 seconds 01:33 that we were going to have to adopt him 01:35 his name is ollie and we just bonded 01:38 immediately really we took him out to my 01:40 car and he just jumped right in and 01:41 curled up in a ball were like alright 01:43 this is ours this is our boy it was a 01:45 family 01:47 this is Bucky's to rescue dogs so we got 01:50 really really lucky he attacks us every 01:53 time we come home but in a good way 01:54 they called the wheat and greetin when 01:56 you come home to your Wheaton he comes 01:57 to greet and he jumps all over you and 01:59 just licks licks licks every night he 02:00 just cuddles with me he loves jumping on 02:02 my chest and just kind of cuddling like 02:04 right next to me and he just gives me 02:05 little kisses in the morning and it's 02:07 just every morning I love spending time 02:09 with them it's about joy and quality of 02:11 life when you've lost everything your 02:14 animal is your big love and our work is 02:17 both for the people and the animals that 02:20 they can live together and be happy 02:22 together 02:26 thanks so much for checking out pawza 02:28 Palooza today with me here in West 02:29 Hollywood California 02:31 we made some awesome doggo friends thank 02:33 you again for checking out posh post com 02:35 where every interest is special see you 02:37 next time 02:37

"I learned from my dog long before I went to Gombe that we weren't the only beings with personalities. What the chimps did was help me to persuade others." (Jane Goodall, Primatologist and Anthropologist) Hosted last month in West Hollywood, Pawsapalooza Festival & Marketplace was nothing if not an affirmative salute to pet pups and their boundless, forever childlike personalities.


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