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Silicon Valley Comic Con

so we're here in beautiful San Jose at 00:11 the Silicon Valley comic-con run by the 00:14 woz himself I'm excited to get some 00:17 interviews let's go I'm here for 00:25 everything really everything comics I 00:29 work here I don't start until 1:00 p.m. 00:31 and I got here at 8:30 I am most excited 00:33 to just help everyone else enjoy the con 00:35 there's a big old table up there with a 00:38 bunch of NASA scientists and you can 00:39 talk to them about whatever projects 00:41 they're working on and you know it's 00:43 just a one-on-one with the actual 00:45 scientist it's really really fun I just 00:47 love chasing people having to find in a 00:50 thirst for blood 00:53 I have Mayor McCheese in the burger 00:57 flesh I like to say cheeseburger Flay 00:59 I'm cosplaying as an au of Keith who got 01:02 a four Voltron I really love overwatch 01:04 and I just needed something to run in 01:06 humans vs. zombies nerf game I decided 01:08 to go with Natsuki because I actually 01:10 was feeling very nervous about going to 01:11 my first con by myself star butterfly 01:13 from star vs. the forces of Google I 01:16 just really liked the series a lot I am 01:18 cross playing as mrs. Frizzle as a Time 01:20 Lord from Gallifrey because the bus is 01:22 totally a TARDIS 01:23 I am Baba Yaga who is a witch woman from 01:26 the Old Forest of the Slavic backcountry 01:28 I'm a Mulan and Wonder Woman NASA and 01:31 one of the dorm Elijah from black 01:32 panther i bought the pants the shirt but 01:34 i made all the purple parts myself 01:36 fighters busted out of full noodles and 01:39 tape and just staring at the the concept 01:41 art for like hours and hours this took 01:44 around almost a year my mom put a type 01:46 of foam on my back so that it can be 01:49 easy help my grandma cut out the glass 01:51 for the wings 01:52 so this basically entire family project 01:54 actually had a lot of help from my 01:55 family here yeah well that was that work 01:58 they went ahead and painted this on me 01:59 almost looks exactly like my mom made it 02:01 it is at the last second yeah last night 02:05 I made it myself 02:06 this one took me two weeks I think it 02:09 was 02:12 we are a Bay Area based independent 02:15 comic book company that focuses on 02:17 bridging the gap between Japanese manga 02:19 manga style comics and american-style 02:23 comics I just make these little guys 02:25 creatures from outer space I call them I 02:27 do original are based on film and 02:29 television pop culture I just launched 02:31 this new line of charcoal drawings for 02:34 the convention seen mostly strong women 02:36 a little bit of beefcake in there but we 02:37 do geared items that work and kits to 02:39 build them it's all about things to play 02:42 with and fiddle that we believe that 02:43 both are capable of presenting excellent 02:47 stories and all art forms should be 02:50 appreciated and enjoy I have a rule I 02:51 only work on what I totally geek out 02:53 over so and that shows through in the 02:55 work and so there's nothing I do that 02:57 I'm not passionate about so everything 02:59 is just it's passion project assistant 03:02 everything is a joy that I do system 03:07 that automatically measures the blood 03:08 sugar levels and pumps insulin I thought 03:10 if we can better predict which strains 03:12 will circulate during flu season we can 03:14 make a better flu shot that can protect 03:16 our people our device might be able to 03:18 save millions of lives as a device that 03:19 can help improve favorable outcomes 03:21 after surgery I'm trying to determine if 03:23 muscles absorb more pollution based on 03:25 the speed of a water body my project is 03:27 just creating a plastic from harmful 03:30 algal blooms 03:31 and it's pretty much a gradable and it's 03:33 really flexible and pretty strong my 03:35 project is an electric allogram 03:36 wheelchair it can tell the difference 03:38 between the right and movin and left eye 03:40 movement if you love glass it lights an 03:42 LED on the left and if you look right it 03:44 lights it all yeah what inspired me to 03:46 do it is so many people around the world 03:49 they're either disabled paralyzed 03:50 missing limbs are amputated as you might 03:52 have heard this season or even 03:53 experience yourself the flu season was 03:56 really really bad there were lots of 03:57 cases lots of hospitalizations and it 03:59 was very severe since we learned that 04:01 cooling it specific area during open 04:03 organ surgery can help increase vapora 04:05 outcomes we wanna develop a device as 04:07 portable and wearable so that the 04:09 surgeon can be easily to use it and it 04:11 can just help I really love the 04:13 environment in the ocean and I would 04:14 love to just like help out the ocean and 04:17 a lot of plastic waste all ages it was a 04:23 bit overwhelming cuz it's so big I've 04:25 been to like the one in LA comic-con in 04:28 Las Vegas and I've been to a few anime 04:30 cons in London but it's none of them 04:32 have been this big so this was 04:34 definitely overwhelming 04:39 you

Founded by Steve Wozniak in 2016, Silicon Valley Comic Con was an instant classic, the Sweet Spot where technology and pop culture do a high-five. This year's event was attended by 1000s of attendees April 6-8 at the San Jose Convention Center, where the happiest surprise of all were preteen and teenage scientists exhibiting their inventions ranging the gamut of genetic engineering to wearable glasses that actually move objects viewed through the lens. The future is a hero.


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