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World Ag Expo 2020

00:00 [Music] 00:01 we're here in the Central Valley of 00:03 California at the 53rd annual world egg 00:06 Expo this started out as a small farm 00:09 equipment show in 1968 since then it has 00:12 grown to the largest outdoor 00:14 agricultural equipment exposition in the 00:16 world greatest little place in the 00:18 country right now we'll have over a 00:20 hundred thousand people here there are 00:22 so many things to do so many different 00:23 food options and so many different types 00:25 of booths you can buy things you can 00:27 learn about it it's basically like an 00:29 educational State Fair this is 00:30 absolutely amazing I expect it to be so 00:32 massive and so much awesome equipment if 00:34 you're a part of the Tulare community 00:36 you're almost always going to find 00:38 yourself involved in world egg Expo yeah 00:40 we are pretty high up here we have a 00:41 great look at the grounds but hey we 00:43 don't mind getting high here World Expo 00:47 gets bigger and bigger this year we're 00:49 featuring hemp because it is newly back 00:52 in the farm bill and as a legal crop now 00:54 in this region especially is really 00:56 really hungry for him they are begging 00:58 for it it's still very new the people 01:01 like to hear more about it I think that 01:04 it's important to do more studies and 01:06 more education about that I was like 01:12 smoking weed you know we have a rare 01:14 opportunity with this plant to shift the 01:17 narrative about produce farming leafy 01:19 green farming you know traditional AG in 01:21 general where we can utilize some of 01:23 these practices with this extremely 01:25 chemically responsive plant and apply it 01:27 to things that just could use the extra 01:29 boost in effect we were honored for 01:31 almost a million years 01:32 roaming gathering hunting and then we 01:34 turned around and start farming and that 01:36 inflection point that took place 10,000 01:38 years ago has been followed by 01:40 innovations but the inflection point 01:42 we're at the moment from a technology 01:44 perspective is absolutely extraordinary 01:46 our focus is on new technology the whole 01:49 point of a farmer coming here is to find 01:52 the way to more efficiently produce food 01:55 to feed the world and do it in a 01:57 environmentally friendly and economical 02:00 way 02:01 we were having a hard time getting 02:03 natural due to bail hey my dad 02:04 remembered seeing some tacos at a taco 02:07 restaurant being steamed so he got some 02:09 hay and brought it into my mom's kitchen 02:11 and used a pressure cooker to make some 02:13 steam and to soften the hay and the 02:16 results were amazing and we can bail hay 02:18 any time of the day or night we make 02:20 plasma cutters a lot of these tables are 02:22 bought and used to do work around the 02:24 farm Simon breaks you cut out a metal 02:26 instead of waiting for somebody to send 02:27 it to you or waiting for a delivery date 02:30 and something getting lost you just go 02:32 to your table and burn it yourself 02:33 what's very exciting about this truck is 02:36 there are digesters that turn cow manure 02:38 into fuel miles per gallon 02:42 I really wish I did we have an 02:48 autonomous orchard sprayer it goes out 02:50 into orchards sprays the trees with 02:52 fertilizers you got one guy that can be 02:54 in a pickup with a laptop computer and 02:57 he can monitor up to eight of these at a 02:58 time is there a chance that the robots 03:00 could sort of get together and like turn 03:02 on us like should we have a terminator 03:03 situation conservative Skynet no no we 03:07 we have a lot of fail-safes in the 03:10 software this is a shaker the way you 03:12 kind of get down is you grab a treat by 03:13 the branch or the trunk and you shake it 03:15 and it shakes on all the produce and a 03:17 sweeper comes in sweeps it up and you 03:19 have your produce it's a 3d camera we 03:21 suspend it from the roof of a dairy 03:24 barns and that allows us to watch cows 03:27 24 hours a day the cow was domesticated 03:29 9,000 years ago will now be able to see 03:32 things that even the early farmers could 03:33 never see have you ever received any 03:35 complaints from cows about you know lack 03:37 of privacy we have not had any 03:39 complaints from cows by lack of privacy 03:41 actually I think of anything cows urdhva 03:43 Liza the people are paying attention 03:44 them for the first time technology does 03:48 matter to the farmer big time because of 03:51 the the precision the control that 03:53 you've got out there and just the data 03:55 that you you get back from these 03:56 machines we're giving tools to the 03:59 growers that'll help them move ahead 04:00 into the future what it ultimately gives 04:02 them is the opportunity to get a better 04:03 application it also helps them to make 04:06 decisions on their growing practices to 04:08 be more cost effective that's gonna 04:09 affect everybody's pocketbook from the 04:11 grower all the way down to the guy 04:12 buying the commodity in the store before 04:14 farmers were really stressed about 04:16 baling hay they had to get that right 04:18 amount of natural do at night and they 04:20 would have to stay up all night and go 04:23 check the hay constantly but now with 04:25 the steamer as soon as the hay is dried 04:27 down they can go on bail the hay and it 04:29 just makes their life so much better 04:31 they can be at home with their family 04:33 more it means not just having the 04:34 advancement technology to make the stuff 04:36 easier for operators and people actually 04:38 own the machines but easier for anybody 04:41 who wants to get started with the kind 04:42 of stuff this is really getting that 04:44 younger generation excited about hack 04:45 again we're no longer telling the young 04:48 kids to here grab a shovel and go you 04:50 know shovel weeds or we're giving them a 04:52 tablet and saying hey let's go run these 04:54 machines and they get really jazzed 04:56 about that the changes we're going to 04:57 see in the next five to ten years in 04:59 agriculture are enormous and if you're 05:02 not excited as a young person coming 05:03 into business like that then you know 05:05 there is nothing I could do for you food 05:10 is not growing or developed in the 05:12 grocery store some people believe 05:14 without agriculture what are we gonna do 05:17 that's our food agriculture is the most 05:19 important part of the community it's 05:21 it's the seed that grows everything it 05:23 is the community that's why I think it's 05:25 important for people in all walks of 05:27 life people in governments to really 05:29 protect the agricultural industry 05:31 because we produce the food for everyone 05:33 in the world I was raised on a farm so I 05:39 have just been part of a gag has been my 05:41 life forever my dad was a wheat farmer 05:44 plus we had livestock we had dairy 05:45 calves we had hogs and the chickens were 05:48 mine I had 200 chickens when I was 16 05:50 years old and they laid so many eggs 05:52 that they paid for my first two years of 05:54 college I learned at a very young age to 05:56 run equipment to cut the hay rake the 05:59 hay bail the hay halt the hay 06:01 was a great experience to have a lot of 06:04 room to roam and to explore and and be a 06:08 kid it was it was great my parents kind 06:11 of forced me to be the one that picks 06:12 the weeds on Saturday at Sunday and I 06:15 hated it as a kid and lo ugly hold I'm 06:17 teaching landscaping and horticulture 06:18 upon retirement I go I'm going back to 06:20 the family farm and took over the 06:22 operations of that it was just a passion 06:24 I had developed later on as an adult 06:28 it's just personally satisfying to be 06:31 able to know that I've raised the goat 06:32 I've milked to the goat and then I've 06:34 made the cheese to feed my friends and 06:36 family I grew up in it I've been in 06:38 agriculture my whole life and I've just 06:40 always loved it 06:41 just a great life to live and a very 06:44 honest living been a good life no 06:46 complaints at all I've passed away here 06:49 four months ago and I'm about to 06:51 lonesome its old guy you've ever seen 06:53 we've been holding hands since we're 16 06:56 but having this community here they keep 06:58 me doing something all the time so that 07:00 helps every year I've sing the national 07:11 anthem fourth we're very very proud of 07:13 this it's quite an accomplishment been 07:16 going for over 50 years and I won't be 07:18 here but I hope it goes out of 50 years 07:22 [Music]

theTUNDRA interviews exhibitors and attendees at the World Ag Expo 2020, doing a deep dive on everything the show has to offer, from the latest in high tech farming equipment to antique tractors from yesteryear.


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