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Vans U.S. Open Of Surfing

I've been surfing my whole life my dad 00:08 put me on a board when I was like three 00:09 years old and he actually went to Maui 00:11 to be a surf bum that's how it all kind 00:13 of started my big competition is surfing 00:15 when I was little but it was just my 00:17 love of it and I was like I just want to 00:19 do it for fun I even loved getting 00:20 pounded out there you know like I just 00:23 love the feel of posing and you know 00:26 kind of in touch with mother nature we 00:37 come to the beach to have fun to relax I 00:40 came here for everything I came here for 00:41 my friends and just the beautiful 00:43 weather and the ocean and the atmosphere 00:45 kind and outgoing super spontaneous like 00:48 people just riding their bikes going to 00:50 the beach we live about 20 minutes from 00:52 Zion National Park in Utah and we love 00:56 it there it's super beautiful but it's 00:58 good to come here because it's a change 01:00 of scenery for me it's just fun it's a 01:02 lifestyle you've got to do a sport and 01:05 be a kata with nature with Beach for me 01:08 just give me energy 01:13 we actually are pretty busy people we 01:16 own our own restaurants so being at the 01:18 beach kind of takes us away from that 01:20 setting of being stressed and everything 01:23 so we're here we're actually enjoying it 01:25 we're having fun we're meeting new 01:26 people and you know we're just loving 01:29 the vibe lets us just take our mind off 01:32 and sit in the ocean and surf and enjoy 01:35 the times well whenever I'm in the water 01:37 it's like it takes all my thoughts away 01:40 it's my meditation in a sense where I'm 01:42 not thinking of anything that I have to 01:44 do or like all my problems I don't like 01:48 big that when tomorrow the water 01:51 the first time i paddleboarded it was 01:54 just like a time in my life where I felt 01:56 like I needed something new when I tried 01:58 it the first time it wasn't scary it was 02:01 more of like either I had a lot of 02:03 adrenaline like I just wanted to do it 02:04 so bad that when I got on you know it 02:07 was like a it was like a yeah like I 02:09 accomplished something if I have to go 02:11 sure if I have to like you know tell 02:13 everybody I love that I want to do all 02:15 these things because I know life is so 02:17 short it's just that kind of way of life 02:19 you know 02:20 [Music]

More than one million people gathered in sunny Huntington Beach, California to watch the nation's best surfers, skaters, and BMX riders compete for the most respected titles of the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing -- a great time was had by all.


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