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The Original Muscle Beach

[Music] 00:08 papé ash posters it's tiger and today 00:11 we're at the iconic original muscle 00:13 beach in Santa Monica California were 00:15 pumped to see the true passion behind 00:17 the people that come to this American 00:18 landmark every single day let's check it 00:20 out I've been coming to Beach for about 00:33 five years I've been coming here for 00:35 almost three years almost five years now 00:37 this is our first time here I saw 00:39 somebody doing the rings and it just 00:41 looked like he was flying kind of so I 00:43 was like oh I want to do that I think by 00:45 the second time I think I was just 00:46 hooked I really wanted to learn how to 00:48 be upside down and do all the cool 00:49 things but I saw people doing over here 00:51 so I taught myself and I practiced a lot 00:53 and I spent a lot of time here and I can 00:55 do all the things that all the people do 00:56 here 00:57 [Music] 01:01 and you make working out fun it doesn't 01:03 feel like working out you really like to 01:05 people are coming here and doing their 01:07 thing and don't care about any any of 01:10 anybody else there's just something 01:12 about all the energy of all the people 01:14 that come here that makes this place 01:15 magical and it's sort of like nowhere 01:17 else I've ever been 01:19 people go kind of out of their way to 01:20 make you feel comfortable make you feel 01:22 safe it makes you want to come back it 01:24 makes you want to be part of the 01:24 community there's a lot of really cool 01:26 people here that you get to meet usually 01:27 there's a group of people that I work 01:29 out with in the morning and I'm just 01:30 keeps me more productive everything else 01:31 - you know if I can make it here once or 01:33 twice a day I can accomplish anything 01:34 else I need to accomplish that first day 01:39 you get a chance to teach somebody 01:41 something that kind of you were taught 01:43 it's thinking what it really like 01:44 cements you into that cycle like you 01:47 take and then you give 01:49 you

People from near and far travel to the Santa Monica iconic Muscle Beach. Everyday, dozens of bodybuilders, acrobats, gymnasts and enthusiasts go to Muscle Beach to perform their fitness routines (a.k.a. approachable Cirque du Soleil). Not only is watching free for Spectators, the show is nothing short of spectacular - namely because it comes straight-from-the-hearts of these amazing everyday Athletes.


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