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70 IS THE NEW 40 - Defying Gravity In Every Way

0:00 yeah that was 68. he's the baby and I'm 0:02 the old man at 70. 0:07 we play we work out a lot we play uh 0:10 beach volleyball regular volleyball 0:13 basketball 0:15 um we played Wally ball it's volleyball 0:18 inside a racquetball court 0:20 um and pickleball and then golfing so we 0:24 never it's it's all year round something 0:27 pickleball is like a chess game 0:30 you just don't hit the ball you have to 0:32 figure out your opponents after maybe 0:34 one or two points 0:36 you have to figure out if they have any 0:37 weaknesses and strengths that's why you 0:40 see a lot of couples and mixed couples 0:42 talking in between serves they're 0:44 strategizing that and that's important 0:46 to go for the win 0:48 it's not just standing back and popping 0:50 the ball back over the net it it gives 0:53 you the adrenaline that you need and the 0:57 excitement for the day to make you feel 0:59 good about yourself 1:01 it makes you think okay the the reason 1:04 we took the long journey out here is 1:06 we're inspired with the game simply 1:08 because it's a game of activity it's and 1:12 it's something that we can play that's 1:14 uncomplicated 1:15 I'm 70 so I it's tough to really play 1:19 certain Sports I mean so uh after 1:23 playing for nine years and meeting the 1:25 friends and keep getting more and more 1:27 involved uh you know I always say what 1:29 turns me on is the actual game it's not 1:32 so much the outcome it's the actual 1:34 playing with friends out there it keeps 1:36 me inspired doubles that we tried and 1:39 we're good friends our our girlfriends 1:41 or good friends and they they thought we 1:43 should give it a shot this time and so 1:45 we did you know the other day we played 1:47 that's all I've been doing for nine 1:48 years since I retired I don't know how 1:50 to do anything else except pickleball 1:51 and hang out with good friends and eat 1:53 good food that's all I know 1:55 [Music]

If you don't believe mankind is capable of defying gravity then you haven't met Ken Lacy (70-years-old) and his 68-year-old buddy Dale Charochak -- both native Pennsylvanians who spend their time playing pickleball, golfing, and weight-lifting among participating in additional sports too numerous to reference herein. Friendship + Pickleball = Longevity - yet another reason to live!


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