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0:00 Who would thought that we would be 0:02 playing pro at our at this age so 0:06 uh being and playing pickleball it just 0:10 is such a great opportunity it's such a 0:12 it opened the door for our age group and 0:16 we're out there we're working out we're 0:19 we're Drilling and we know we can do it 0:22 so that's the beauty about pickleball 0:24 that it's anybody's game and especially 0:28 being a woman it's like it's just a nice 0:31 opportunity to be playing uh pickleball 0:34 at a pro level 0:39 first of all you have to be 50 years 50 0:41 years and older yeah they have a ranking 0:44 of at least 4.5 and above 0:48 it's very intense like I said this is my 0:52 first year most of the senior Pros I've 0:54 been here for at least seven to eight 0:56 years 0:57 uh they're amazing I mean I've been 1:00 following them since the last couple 1:02 years since I started 1:04 so I'm very fortunate to now play 1:06 against them I'm the 1:09 co-founder of sky blue pickleball and I 1:13 design pickleball sessions for the 1:17 growing Global pickleball community 1:19 and I've been very lucky to be sponsored 1:22 by sky blue and as you see I'm wearing 1:26 their new capris 1:28 for the U.S open we played the senior 1:31 mixed doubles today 1:39 [Applause] 1:40 an amount of tournaments to qualify and 1:44 I made it I was very lucky and I was 1:47 asked to play woman Senior Pro with one 1:49 of the Legends Alex Sumner and luckily 1:53 we didn't do that well but it was just a 1:55 pleasure playing with her and just 1:58 loving this event this venue has been 2:00 one of my favorites so far well I got to 2:03 tell you first of all I was Jeffrey's 2:04 partner last year he got too good for me 2:07 so I had I had to go back down but these 2:10 two are fantastic together as you have 2:13 seen Colleen is just incredible she is 2:16 just she's just an incredible player new 2:18 to the game not even playing a year not 2:21 even playing one year and she's already 2:23 at three five close to 4-0 just solid 2:26 solid solid 2:28 they're just mashing their game look at 2:31 this how can she flip the switch how can 2:33 she be funny relaxed and put the Killer 2:35 Instinct on that's all up here that's 2:38 mindfulness she wraps herself around it 2:41 she dedicates herself to it every single 2:43 day in every single thing she does and 2:47 you feel it it's it's it's an energy she 2:51 brings the serious energy to the game 2:54 and to life and that's what we all want 2:56 to do right 2:58 well he answered it is be true yourself 3:01 I was a massage therapist 3:04 practitioner master so I do better 3:07 so it's all about computer science 3:13 Colleen comes from a sports background 3:15 so you can see that tiger 3:17 you know Killer Instinct on the court 3:21 but she's such a lovely human 3:25 that transfers to the court too she has 3:28 great great 3:30 Court presence 3:32 but in terms of women I think a lot of 3:36 women especially our age my age I'm 62. 3:40 you're 50 50. a lot of women our age 3:43 because of support we didn't have as 3:46 many opportunities and pickleball really 3:48 gives women especially those that didn't 3:51 play sports growing up an opportunity to 3:54 play water a sport that is competitive 3:58 yet friendly 4:00 and it's just the best sport there's 4:03 this term out there grow the Game grow 4:04 the game 4:06 it's a responsibility I think for those 4:09 of us that love pickleballs to help 4:12 other people so we would reel you in 4:14 because that's the way we are we would 4:16 just say come on now let's come we'll 4:18 meet you if you don't want to come with 4:20 the room 4:21 we'll meet you at a different time 4:22 because we want people to enjoy the game 4:24 as much as we enjoy the game what is it 4:27 like playing with two very type A 4:29 personality women 4:32 uh it's a lot of fun you come out uh 4:35 obviously here's a very competitive uh 4:38 situation and whenever you're playing in 4:40 a mixed uh situation out there it's easy 4:43 being the guy 4:45 I sit around I watch the game 90 of the 4:47 time when they're they're playing and 4:49 then the 10 of the time that I get to 4:51 hit the ball I look really good because 4:53 they set me up to look that good look at 4:55 it a lot of it has to do I think too 4:57 which when it comes down to what the 4:59 level that these guys are at and and 5:01 bigger or for and higher it's a matter 5:04 of just pure strength so on on the 5:07 average 5:08 guys are going to be stronger physically 5:11 than women but what I'm seeing here and 5:13 what you have seen in this young lady 5:16 the Ninja 5:18 she's got it up here her skill set is 5:21 she looks she can she's a very strong 5:23 player but she can overcome some of that 5:26 because because of her chest playing if 5:30 you will 5:31 the strategy of it all I'm telling you 5:34 the minute I picked up a pickleball 5:36 about a year and a half two years ago I 5:39 was like oh my God this is this is 5:41 heaven uh I mean look at us we're on 5:44 vacation we're playing we're working 5:47 hard we want to be the best of course 5:49 and that's the beauty pickleball is like 5:53 family we we have so many families in 5:56 pickleball that is just incredible 5:59 foreign

If you want the best of both worlds, watch women playing pickleball -- or better yet, if you're a woman, pick-up a pickleball paddle if you haven't already. It's a game made for women who multi-task 24/7/365 - always in control, never a dull moment and as social as the 4th of July block picnic. Check-out a few of the amazing players - from Gen Alpha to Boomers - competing at the 2023 U.S. Open Pickleball Championships hosted in Naples, Florida. No one said it better than Title IX power tennis-turned-pickleball player Pam Davidson when describing her mentee Colleen Baier: "She's a Ninja...with a killer instinct," that co-exists with additional attributes including "mindfulness, laser focus and loveliness" that describes any or all of the 108+ million American females over the age of 18 - at least on a decent day. Another reason to love the sport.


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