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0:01 [Music] 0:02 right time right place right now to 0:04 bring something like this into a iconic 0:06 venue 0:07 [Music] 0:09 Weinberger leading a lot of the media 0:12 and digital areas of pickle four 0:14 we're running a large event today in 0:17 Oracle Park the idea was we really want 0:19 to be the amateur platform for 0:21 pickleball and really help grow the 0:23 sport through iconic opportunities like 0:25 playing in Oracle Park and Fenway Park 0:27 last week it's a fantastic opportunity 0:29 for amateurs to come together and this 0:31 is what pickleball really needs and 0:33 really needs to have opportunities to 0:35 grow the sport 0:37 I've been ready such a cool experience 0:40 you know our goal this week is just to 0:42 shine a brighter light on pickleball as 0:44 a sport most of the players out here 0:46 this week have not competed in a 0:48 tournament before they've been playing 0:50 recreationally some at a higher level 0:52 than others but this was an opportunity 0:54 for them to come out and compete against 0:55 other amateurs and do so in a Major 0:57 League field pretty pretty cool stuff 0:59 well I think randomly I got an email 1:01 about a pickleball tournament at Oracle 1:03 we've been playing a lot together still 1:06 relatively new to the game we're tennis 1:07 players originally I saw the sport in 1:10 Cabo that couldn't get over the sound of 1:12 it so I rejected it at first that Dinky 1:14 Dinky sound and then they said no you 1:17 just do it and I did it I feel it's more 1:19 social than tennis because you're closer 1:21 great weather and something to do with a 1:22 good friend once you're on the courts we 1:25 had our first match and that was 1:26 actually our toughest match of the day 1:27 these guys were pretty competitive and 1:30 we were up 8-3 and then they came back 1:32 to 9 to 11 by the time we were sweating 1:35 a little bit and so we took a time out 1:37 and then we just took it from there or 1:38 59 and just got aggressive and that's 1:42 kind of what you need to do to be 1:43 competitive Local 4 really wants to 1:46 create these iconic amateur 1:47 opportunities for competition part of 1:50 our opportunity is you know what are the 1:52 best venues out there 1:55 we figure this is the first time they're 1:57 ever putting something together on a pro 1:59 baseball field we're like hey we love 2:01 the Giants here so we figured we'd uh 2:03 help come out and support and uh play 2:04 the game we love and they did a really 2:06 good job with the courts like just a 2:07 really interesting uh pickleball setting 2:10 in the case of Oracle Park in San 2:13 Francisco last week we were at Fenway 2:14 Park in Boston both are historical in 2:17 nature one's much older than the other 2:19 but both have played hosts the World 2:21 Series games and World Series 2:22 Championships and both hold a unique 2:25 place in their community and nationally 2:27 you know fans walking out there for the 2:30 first time as pickleball average or 2:32 athletes their jaw dropped 2:34 [Music] 2:35 you know the stadium I've never been 2:37 here I have a bucket list 2:39 13 so far 2:42 so far I've done that one off 2:46 it's just an all there's a lot of people 2:47 here that haven't played in pickleball 2:50 tournaments but they wanted to be here 2:51 in Oracle park or in Fenway Park and 2:54 they're absolutely loving it we're 2:56 standing in the middle of Oracle Park 2:57 man in on a beautiful day it's awesome 3:01 one of the things people for was focused 3:04 on is it's really important to show 3:06 people the levels that you can be at and 3:08 so you can come in you can have fun it 3:10 can be very recreational You Can level 3:12 up and you can become competitive and if 3:14 you really want to There's an 3:15 opportunity in pickleball to be true 3:17 Elite athleticism and be professional 3:20 it's actually one of the unique aspects 3:22 of pickleball where you know the 3:24 relationship between Pro players and 3:26 amateur players is really unlike 3:28 anything I've seen in any other Sport 3:30 and we have some of the top Pros here 3:31 today 3:34 I'm Catherine parento and I'm ranked 3:36 number three in the world I was probably 3:38 eight years ago I was playing tennis at 3:41 the University of Michigan State 3:43 University and I once I ran out of LGBT 3:45 I couldn't compete anymore so I had no 3:47 idea what pickleball was but I give it a 3:50 try just fell in love with the sport and 3:52 that was eight years ago and just still 3:54 enjoying it I can't believe I'm here 3:56 that's crazy I'm playing with Anna 3:58 Wright which is um I've never played 4:00 with her and I've always competed 4:03 against her so it would be fun to play 4:04 with her in this event because we're 4:06 actually in a month from now we're 4:08 playing in a tournament together so it's 4:10 like a little uh nice little I guess 4:12 warm-up for us for a Knicks tournament 4:14 but not just looking forward to playing 4:16 maybe against Anthony Waters it's always 4:18 fun to play against the number one in 4:19 the world and just kind of test yourself 4:21 so it'll be fun 4:24 there's always all types of flavors in 4:27 pickleball you name it you know it's a 4:28 such a big demographic right here 4:30 specifically we met people from Oregon 4:32 we have met some other people for I 4:34 think from LA and um you know most some 4:37 people acquire some be a little louder 4:39 and I also make pickleball music uh 4:41 believe it or not I go by pickleball I 4:43 got that on my shirt here 4:48 my mom plays pickleball it's brought her 4:50 a lot of joy in her life 4:53 um for her 70th birthday my husband 4:56 passed away and a half ago and so for us 4:59 I started doing this when he was sick 5:03 and so it's been really cool to have 5:06 that and they used to play tennis 5:08 together so we played tennis until he 5:10 blew his AC but you know short of that 5:12 but anyway yeah it's it's my new rise 5:16 after a loss yeah 5:20 I think that the sport is continuing to 5:22 grow pickleball is the fastest growing 5:24 sport in America and I think that as the 5:26 sport continues to grow you're going to 5:27 see interesting unique venues 5:30 opportunities in iconic stadiums or 5:32 ballparks or other large scale amateur 5:36 tournaments professional exhibitions I 5:39 think the continued adoption of the 5:40 sport is going to just mean more people 5:42 looking for more places to play in their 5:44 local parks and communities uh bigger 5:46 events the US Open championships will 5:48 continue to grow 5:51 I just want to thank the people 5:52 associated with pickle four in the 5:54 baseball Series obviously it's showing 5:56 that it was a great idea people are 5:58 having a great time the referees were 6:01 having a great time we're all here to 6:03 support it and we are very appreciative 6:05 for being a part of it it's not a fad 6:07 it's here to stay 6:09 now I play three four times a week um I 6:12 was able to rekindle a relationship with 6:15 this guy and obviously we just won Gold 6:18 so it's been a great ride and journey 6:20 he's my best friend now I can't take no 6:23 love

Check-out the hottest, most all-American pickleball venture hitting the U.S. from Boston Red Sox Fenway Stadium to San Francisco Giant's Oracle Park. Last month, PICKLE4 took pickleball to two of America's most cherished MLB baseball fields, serving-up fans the opportunity to play (pickle) ball on these historic fields of dreams that got a little dreamier with pickleball. Stats for the two events: 1000+ hours gameplay, 300+ kids participating in pickleball clinics, 936 competitive amateur matches and 336 award winners. To pull off the logics associated with such an operationally intensive, cross-country operation in JUST NINE DAYS is nothing short of heroic. Simply put: the team at PICKLE4 doesn't just put their $$$ where their mouth is; PICKLE4 is ALL-AMERICAN HEART. Thanks PICKLE4 - fingers-crossed more to come in 2024.


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