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Dinking & Drinking: Well, Maybe Not At The Same Time

0:04 you know what I like about the Minto US 0:07 Open football championships this is my 0:10 second time back it's a good party you 0:13 play all day there's unique events for 0:15 everybody you've got skill you've got 0:16 age you've got skill age mixed age pros 0:19 and it goes all week so a lot of people 0:21 just come down for the whole week play a 0:23 bunch drink a bunch have a good time 0:24 that's why we come back 0:29 the the wine customer and the pickleball 0:32 enthusiasts are similar in that we look 0:35 for certain age demographics who are 0:37 gravitating towards our wine varietals 0:38 also socio-economic backgrounds that 0:41 gravitate towards pickleball and our 0:42 wine varietals as well and we find that 0:44 here in South Florida and Southwest 0:46 Florida we have a real Confluence of 0:48 that consumer 0:50 um and so it really just works perfectly 0:51 for us because we have a lot of 0:53 enthusiasm around this brand and we 0:54 invest a lot in the Florida Market but 1 0:56 000 stories of this pickleball 0:57 tournament well we find that there's a 0:59 large Confluence of our consumer here in 1:01 uh in Florida we over index in 1:03 pickleball when we do our research and 1:04 we have a really great following here in 1:06 Florida so we wanted to come and sponsor 1:08 an event and gain new customers and 1:11 honor our existing customers this really 1:13 originated as a brand that's really 1:15 reminiscent of Americana so we were the 1:17 first Bourbon Barrel age line in the 1:19 category we actually created in the 1:20 category a lot of the Bourbon Barrel 1:22 aged wines you'll see out there 1:23 imitators of ours but we like to say the 1:25 really original and so it's just the 1:27 perfect American story of innovation 1:30 so we age the wine in a Bourbon Barrel 1:32 because it imparts some of that flavor 1:33 characteristic from the Aged Bourbon 1:35 Barrel into the wine giving it a unique 1:37 quality whether it's a toastiness or 1:40 even a little bit of a bourbon flavor 1:41 it's nothing too overpowering but it's 1:43 definitely a different Nuance to our 1:44 wine that you don't really see in so far 1:46 uh the people here have been drinking 1:48 before during and after pickleball play 1:51 yeah we were the category creator for 1:53 about about 15 years now so we've been 1:55 doing this for a while and we've 1:57 definitely seen a lot of success with 1:59 our Zinfandel but we're here to 2:01 introduce also our Cabernet and then we 2:03 have a new line of American Barrel aged 2:04 wines and Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay 2:06 that we're very excited about but 2:09 internationally we're distributed in 2:10 about 20 other countries Sweden's a big 2:13 customer of ours in Europe and Germany 2:15 and whatnot it really originated from 2:17 the thought about the American Pioneer 2:19 and thought that Americans are all have 2:21 their own unique story and so this is 2:23 really the compilation of a thousand 2:24 stories that are unique to the American 2:26 Experience our wine making and 2:28 Innovation we just it was a nice tie-in 2:31 to really talk about an American wine 2:34 and American innovation story 2:35 [Music]

On-and-off the court, Pickleball is a partying crowd. While TUNDRA was covering the 2023 U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, we - along with 40,000 attendees at the Naples event - had the opportunity to experience a variety of wines aged in bourbon barrels (AMAZING), created by "1,000 Stories Wines," the American vintner who invented the unique fermenting concept based on reimagining the American frontier during the great pioneer migration of the 1800s.


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