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Meet Celebrity Watch Designer Ali Soltani Founder of Ritmo Mundo

0:00 [Music] 0:11 [Music] 0:15 I've been in the industry of watches and 0:19 jewelry for 30 plus years 0:21 I get inspiration for the final product 0:25 based on pure architecture I have 0:27 Beyonce was wearing our watches I have 0:30 Jennifer Lopez who is our watches I've 0:32 worked with Michael Jackson I've worked 0:34 with Tupac Shakur I've worked with P 0:36 Diddy dear friend of mine is Samuel L 0:39 Jackson sliced alone was one of our 0:41 first patrons Arnold Schwarzenegger so 0:44 these are the Titans of their industry 0:46 the essence of our contact with our 0:49 client is trust so we started bringing 0:51 watches and jewelry and within 10 years 0:55 that was became a majority of our 0:58 business watches and jewelry and we were 1:01 a Powerhouse in the watch 1:03 because I had sold the most expensive 1:05 watch in the world in 98 uh to Michael 1:09 Jackson at that time it was 2.3 million 1:12 dollars I had to work with Elizabeth 1:13 Taylor with her jewelry so we had all 1:16 these individuals coming through our 1:18 store and that kind of gave me the light 1:21 bulb of start your own watch brand Ali 1:23 ripma Mundo uh means Rhythm of the Earth 1:27 in Italian it's an accurate life is 1:30 about Rhythm your heart is about the 1:33 Rhythm the beat and that's what gave 1:36 birth to Linda the first collection I 1:39 made in 2002 was called the 1:41 granddaughter you can imagine who had 1:43 purple eyes at that time uh I made this 1:46 for Elizabeth Taylor because of her 1:49 violet eyes and the first individual to 1:52 wear a ripma mundo watch aside from 1:55 himself was Elizabeth Taylor because I 1:57 get a lot of my inspiration for watches 1:59 from architecture and ripmo we've always 2:02 wanted to make architecturally based 2:06 designs so for me when we produce a 2:10 watch it's the Matchmaker we're coming 2:13 up with Inspirations whether I made the 2:15 Red Square because I was a Moscow I made 2:18 the Palazzo because in Rome there's 2:21 palazzos beautiful palaces we have a 2:23 watch that's very well known we designed 2:25 2006 I designed it on a paper napkin 2:29 it's called persopolis it has the 2:31 architectural details of the pillars of 2:35 persopolis and it is also a center of 2:41 the universe known at that time so in 2:44 the history of watches there is a couple 2:47 hundred watch brands and to be able to 2:49 stand out you need 2:51 be able to offer something that is 2:54 distinct that is value 2:57 specifically about ripmo we're about fun 3:00 we've made something like about 60 3:03 collections in 20 years 3:06 is about not being boring honestly it's 3:10 not being traditional not doing uh what 3:13 you see a majority of department stores 3:16 which is Cookie Cutter Brands they just 3:18 put a different names ours we like you 3:21 to look at a watch on your wrist and say 3:23 that's a rip I'm without having to read 3:24 the name this watch I'm wearing right 3:26 now is an 11 year old watch I made this 3:29 as a tribute to a friend of mine who 3:31 passed away in an auto racing accident a 3:34 lot of my watches are an extension of 3:36 whatever our passion is at that time and 3:39 we'd like to share it with people at the 3:40 end of the day that's all we have is our 3:42 reputation our credibility about the 3:45 brand I think the role of any brand is 3:48 its ethics it's it's longevity that 3:52 we're going to be here five years from 3:55 now 10 years from now and we try to do 3:57 our best 3:59 foreign 4:03 [Music]

Globally celebrated watch designer Ali Soltani takes us inside the inspiration & evolution of Ritmo Mundo, the renowned manufacturer of customized, hand-crafted watches the entertainment industry’s A-List depends on to get to set on-time & on-point.


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