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Tesla’s Cyberquad for Kids: Coolest Ride in the Sandbox

Mini electric ATV for little explorers sells out almost instantly

By Leo Shvedsky
December 14 2021
Wish we had this when we were kids. Courtesy of Tesla 

No one’s waking up to a Tesla Cybertruck under the tree – but a lucky few might find a kid-sized Cyberquad instead. 

As we get deeper into the holiday season, the choices for gift ideas are plenty and varied. So what’s one more to add to the list, thought Tesla. Which brings us to their latest product - no, it’s not the Cybertruck - it’s a Cyberquad for Kids 

The Cyberquad for Kids is an ATV quad bike purpose built for kids by Radio Flyer in partnership with Tesla, and it is the perfect Robin to the Cybertruck’s Batman. It’s based on the grown-up, full-size Cyberquad, which was teased briefly in 2019 during the press conference debut of the Cybertruck, and has not really been seen since. Its design is a nod to the Cybertruck and is meant to be its little sidekick on off-road adventures. Its clean geometric lines mimic the Cybertruck’s angular sci-fi look, shrunk down even more for lil’ explorers. 

It is of course electric, putting out 36 volts of raw unadulterated power - which translates into speeds of up to 10 mph. That might not be enough for victory at Silverstone but can still be dangerously quick for a child on dirt tracks. To that end Tesla has added the ability for the top speed to be adjustable for a little piece of mind, and when it comes to the safety of children a little piece of mind can go a long way.  

HAL 9000’s distant cousin. Courtesy of Tesla

It’s also sort of competitively priced at $1,900, only slightly more expensive than other premium toy options these days. Plus, and we’ve already touched on the look, but that headlight bar and those wheels and tires – chef’s kiss! The only downside is that right now the adult version is still not available, although there are some rumors making their way through the grapevine that we may not have to wait too much longer for our own. That said, this is Tesla we’re talking about – the company isn’t exactly known for sticking to their own aggressive deadlines. Furthermore, and we’re definitely burying the ledge here, the kids’ version is sold out as of early December.  

Courtesy of Tesla 

So, we got you all pumped for the mini-Cyberquad and then told you that it is sold out. But fret not - we will not leave you hanging. There are plenty of great options for all-electric kids’ ATVs out there this holiday season.  

There’s the Razor Dirt Quad 500 which has a similar power output of 36 volts like the Cyberquad, a top speed of 9mph, and a battery life of 68 minutes. The cherry on top is that it comes in cheaper than the Tesla by a fair margin at $1,199. The downside is obviously the look, but you can always paint it silver, right? 

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