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New Cybertruck Campers Are Here: Are They Worth It?

Luxury in the woods, but at a steep cost

By Leo Shvedsky
December 05 2021


The FORM camper getting some sun. FORM

If there’s a silver lining to find from the last year and a half, it’s the car and truck world’s new and increased interest in camping and overlanding. It seems like wherever you look online, there’s a new camper top or towable trailer available to take off road and get out into nature. And with the Tesla Cybertruck floating out there on the horizon, for now just out of reach, designers are starting to get excited about the new shapes and approaches they can bring to campers. 

Minimalist heaven. Cyberlandr

Two new camping contenders are the Cyberlandr and the FORM, and they are very much leaning into the Cybertruck’s geometric, angular look. Both designs pull from a combination of modernist and minimalist design techniques to keep with the Cybertruck’s own aesthetic, while also using space as efficiently as Marie Kondo. They do this by building their campers to fold completely into the Cybertruck’s razor sharp-looking polygonal 6.5’ truck bed, and then when needed they fold out like pieces of ornate origami. 

The FORM in good form. FORM

Both have clean practical lines that maximize storage space. Drawers and other storage are folded, nestled, and tucked into and under every surface imaginable. Likewise, all the amenities like chairs, desks, stoves, dry toilets, and so much more are made to be collapsible and foldable. Here’s hoping they come with a friendly instructional video to learn how to unpack everything! 

The Cyberlander looks like it’s part of the truck. Cyberlandr

This all makes for a pretty great camping experience, letting you fold your little home away from home into a neat little box and move wherever. Normally, once you park your camper you’re kind of stuck in the little RV village with all the other campers. With these, it seems like you can simply get up and go to the next amazing vista. Given that you’re hauling the home with an environmentally-friendly electric truck, the bond with nature seems a little tighter.  

Interior of the FORM is The Property Brothers’ wet dream. FORM

The one thing these otherwise stunning campers do not do is fold neatly into a tiny price. Both options will run you upwards of $50,000. That is more than the price of the theoretical truck you’re going to use to take it camping: the Cybertruck is forecast to start at $39,000. As cool as we think these are, and we think they’re the bee’s knees in terms of design, we’re just not sure if the value is there. 

The blissful clean lines of the Cyberlandr’s interior. Cyberlandr 

Luckily, there are other amazing-looking campers with Tesla-like styling. For example there’s the Polydrops P17, which looks like it was designed by Tesla’s team, and is similarly geared toward making the most out of a little in terms of space. It’s also priced at less than the price of the car. This seems like a much better deal in our eyes.  

One with nature. Polydrops 

We also believe that the pricing of the newer campers from Cyberlandr and FORM are piggybacking on the ramped up demand for the Cybertruck, which according to an unofficial online tracker reportedly has more than 1.25 million pre-orders as of August 2021. All before the assembly line robots are even programmed to build it. Our bet is once the car is released out into the wild and the mad dash to get one has died down a bit, the prices on these campers will also decrease. That’s the time when we would highly recommend getting one, because they are indeed amazing. 



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